Saturday, July 13, 2013


Hello lovelies.

If I have to pick item that enhance a whole makeup look,
I would go for false lashes.

It is no secret that my lashes are short and straight and scarce.

And at one point, I went crazy and buy loads of them haha

I was excited when D'EYEKO contacted me again and wanted to ship their new series
which are the basic series of falsies.

So, this series are suitable if you are doing daily basis activity and want to look

Today, I will be reviewing the "Lengthening" falsies.
From the name, yes you guess it, it gives the "length" look on your lashes ;D

The packaging is different compare to the Princess Syahrini's ones,
well of course, different series, different designs :D
The packaging shape is the same, it is simple and easy to open.
You know some plastic packaging are super hard to open.

The good thing about this packaging is:
it has the transparent side where it shows the lashes.

At the back it contains their data
*so follow and like D'EYEKO if you havent*

It also has the steps on how to apply
which is helpful for the beginners.

and i dont know why, i always find the glue that comes with this product
is super great! It sticks on the skin so well and I am not afraid of them falling.

It also contains the ingredients for the glue, that is ver informative ;D

This is what you will get in one package :D
convenient eh?

Now, we all know that D'EYEKO false lashes always
meet the needs for the women :) 

This time, they are designed to meet the need of daily look.
Natural, thick and lengthen :)
After all, that is most girls' dream right? to have luscious lashes.

They are made from natural hair that are sterilized and handmade so every details are being observed.
They are light, soft and blend with the natural hair.

If you wear soft lens, like my sister :P, this product is safe for you to use
and you can reuse the lashes *which i love*

Each series has different styles, so they have choices for you to choose.
I got mine in #149 which is the ones that give a fantastic effect on the whole look.

Want me to prove it? well keep on reading ;D

One unique thing about D'EYEKO is
I realized that the lashes fits perfectly on my eyes.
I dont need to cut them or to measure them.

Although this is one of the basic series,
you can always wear this at night events.

The length and the style has the ability to create 2 different looks for different events :)

I personally think this product really give a natural effect.
*picture below, dont you think so?*

Natural yet stunningly sexy.

and let me show you the difference between with and without :D

until the next lashes review!

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