Saturday, July 13, 2013


Hello bubblegums :*
* i have no idea why i call you guys bubblegums*

I received a package from BLESS.
As you all know my lovely history with BLESS, and when i heard or found out that they released their cosmetics line, i was beyond nine clouds.

I love makeup. I guess with makeup, it boost my confidence more and it hide my imperfections.

If you want to get this product
kindly click here to purchase

So, lets move on to what i think!

I have tried a few local products for their liquid eyeliner,
and this one here really got me to place it in my heart.

I received this chic, simple and clean designed eyeliner.
The packaging is simple and the design is simple and clean.

On the packaging, it has the logo and the name.
It says it is long wearing and waterproof.
I shall do some experiment of trying it out and capture it for you all :)

This eyeliner is made in Germany.

Just like any other normal liquid eyeliner, it has the tiny brush.
I think the tiny brush is tiny and soft which allows me to create any kind of shapes.
Of course it is also allowing me to take control of it.

This is the swatch, the best thing about this is,
it absorb into the skin and dries quickly.
I prefer liquid eyeliner that dries and absorb quickly.
I am impatience so, i need products that work fast :P

the removal test!
Tried with my fingers- Un-smudge-able *yeah i create a new word*
Tried with water+tissue- Smudge slightly, it will be remove after a few trial but i dont think it is a good thing to do on your eye skin area.
Tried with makeup remover- removed but after 3 swipe.

Then to make it more valid, i decided to wear it and go out.
I have a very oily skin and oily eyelids.
I have to use primer wherever i go.

This is how it looks like before going out.
Everything is beautiful in their own places and clean.
and MATTE! ahha

I choose to do a simple eyeliner shape here.

Then a few hours later, i think it was around 5 hours?
movies + dinner+jam
yeah around there :P

My skin turned into a greasy pan, my eyeshadow are gone ;D
but not the eyeliner!
the eyeliner is still in place, not moving anywhere :)

long-wearing & waterproof & smudgeproof
is proven :D

has any of you try this before?
let me know x

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