Sunday, July 28, 2013


Hello ladies :*
Today's post is inspired by Amarixe
( she is a beauty guru on youtube )

When it comes to women's grooming,
I wax and laser.

Lately, I have been super busy and I dont have the time to go out.
And you all can imagine how "sexy" I am :P

Honestly, from all the hair grooming, I personally think
eyebrow is the least worth it * no offense*
I mean, the area is tiny and my eyebrows are shaped naturally and it 

Lets Start!

First! You must cleanse away the area around your eyebrow to avoid any irritation.
And this is my eyebrow before waxing
* yes i do have a natural shaped eyebrow, so it is easy for me to wax mine :) if you dont have one, trace/shape an outline for your eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil and you are going to wax it following the shape*

Then take the big scissors and the wax strip, cut it into half or maybe 1/4 :)
You dont need a lot.
Mine is around 2cm wide :)

Then with that tiny strip
Cut it in half vertically and horizontally,
so you have 4 tiny strips.

Then, using any stick or brush, placed it on the outer corner of your nose, connecting to the inner corner of your eyes. This is where your eyebrow should start, place one of the strip on the area where the brow "dont belong"

Rub it along the direction of the eyebrow, mine is up.

Then, using one hand to pull up the skin on the forehead, while the other, pull down the strip quickly.

Do the same steps on the rest of the area :)
click on the picture.

Once everything is done, you will have this wax residue all around the eyebrow,
trust me, it is sticky hahaa and i dont like it.

To remove it, usually they have this special liquid but I dont have it, so i am using baby oil :)
Pour it onto a cotton pad and just cleanse the area that has wax left overs.

Use tissue to absorb and dab the oil
*unless you love the feeling of oil*

This is optional, use tweezers and scissors to trim down the hair.
I feel kinda lazy so I am leaving it up to the waxing.

and Ta-da!
This is without any eyebrow pencil.

With an eyebrow pencil and after shaping.

and it is done :)
One quick tips: just to be careful and not rushing.
I got my wax strip from Guardian.

enjoy :)


sharon shay said...

Beli waxing stripnya dimana

meutia nuraini said...

wow, your eyebrow looks so thin and gorgeous.. :)

Intan Chen ♥ said...

Gw punya eyebrow yg lumayan tebel
Tapi sampe skrg ga pande kalo di suruh nge bentuk sendiri
Padahal kalo di salon selalu di bentuk sama stylish nya jadi oke dan hasilnya selalu straight thick eyebrow kayak korean style gitu
Pengen nih bisa ngebentuk sendiri
Ada tips?

sanny lie said...

Lucky you punya eyebrow shape yg kuecehhhh.. btw same question where to buy the waxing strippp? Makasihhhh

theresia fweegy said...

hello :) sorry for the late reply heheh
waxing strip i bought it at Guardian, bisa di cek di guardian terdekat tempat kalian.

untuk di bentuk, it takes practice sih, untuk membentuk alis bisa di cari di youtube or google :D banyak kok heheh nanti kalau sempet aku coba bikin postnya