Friday, July 5, 2013


Hello you!
Now, who doesnt love chocolate?

I love me some chocolate milk from times to times :P
and the best chocolate i have ever taste.. is ...

*no i am not being sponsored by Nutella to say this*

A few days ago, I received an invitation from Johnny Andrean
*Thank you to one of my friend who informed me :) *

I do need a day off actually from all the hectic designs and 
I do have a plan on self pampering from top to bottom 
...and guess what?
 I got invited for a treatment by JA.

There were 3 options of services that we can choose from,
which are: Coloring, Treatment & Manicure/Pedicure

I picked treatment because i need some good massage on my head 

The event started with lunch at PALALADA.
I actually have been waiting to try this restaurant out and
what d'ya know?
The lunch was served there.

Excited? no I was ecstatic! 

Here are the table full of bloggers :D
There were 2 sessions of the event,
I picked afternoon one because, I cant wake up that early haha

Lunch was great, a session of sharing and laughter
which I also need after a hectic day of designing.

so lunch is served!

and the dessert which was the traditional indonesian dessert 
that has the taste of ginger.

I personally would stay away from ginger unless
I am at the point where I have no other choices then only I will eat them :P

The dessert was nice though.

Then we all marched to Johnny Andrean.
Here is a little fact about me, I actually came to Johnny Andrean quite a lot back then.
I have hair loss for some reason and I have no idea why :(
so i was searching for salons that provide hair loss treatment and of course,
like any other human being, I would like to see some results where I spend my money at.

I tried a few places and trust me, I spend quite a good amount of money too.

Lastly, I picked Johnny Andrean and surprisingly,
my heart settled for this one :)

Here is the entrance, fancy :)

There are 2 choices for treatment.
The normal creambath (head massage) and the Biolage Matrix treatment

I pick my usual hair treatment of course ;D
the Biolage Matrix for hair loss
* I dont remember the words but the treatment is for hair loss*

For Biolage Matrix treatment, they have a special room for this treatment :)
Which I love! I love a good quite surrounding when I am pampering myself.
The room is also clean and cosy :)

We were served tea!

The whole process of this treatment is simple:
washing, massaging, steam and washing (to cleanse away the cream) 
then blow drying the hair ;D

This is the steam machine.
If you think about it, it is similar like spa,
but this one is specialized for hair :P

and this is the final look ;D
happy me!

and this is me and Priscilla.
We met in certain events but we didnt get a chance to talk until today!

We received some goodie and some snacks.

and just a couple more pictures on the activity around the outside of the treatment room :D
Leonita got her hair colored and turned out great!

and some picture-ception haha
* a picture inside a picture, get it?* 

alright girls, until the next event!

I honestly feel great because I got the pampering I need
and some shopping too :P

see you all


Leonita Nerisa said...

OMG, my statue face.... lmao

Love, Leonita

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

Hahaha! Photo-ception! Nice one! ^_^