Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hello my beautiful butterfly!

Look what I have :D another basic series style from D'EYEKO.
Honestly, when i first saw this, i was thinking

" there is no way this super full style will look natural on me"

So, how did it look on me?
well lets find out!

Here is the packaging, i believe they have two types of packaging?
i was trying to find the natural volume
*yes i love it and i went out to look for them*
but i couldnt find the ones in this packaging
but i found them anyway haha and purchased them.

Like the other packaging for this series, it is the same, easy to see, simple, different color coding. It has the information we need especially if you are a beginner in applying falsies, they have the step by step with illustration at the back. This comes with a glue ;D

That's the glue, kind of hard to see but it is there.
I love the glue that comes with it! 
I wonder if they sell the glue by itself?
If they do, tell me i want to buy them or if they dont, 
please produce some ;D

Here is a closer look at the lashes :D

As we all know that D'EYEKO lashes are made from natural hair that are sterilized, softer and it blends into our natural lashes. They are delicately handmade in details and the length suits my eyes so i dont need to cut them. You can wear them for a few times and it is safe if you wear contact lens.

So, does this product give a natural look for me?

We shall see!
Look at how thick each lashes are.


The lashes give volume, style and it shaped my eyes.
I think it gives my eyes that fierce and piercing look but natural.

If you want to see how to get the look
kindly click here
(dont forget to subscribe to my youtube channel)

and you know what?
I went out and search for this style haha
I love their natural series :) 
So natural, so comfortable to wear and they enhance the whole look.

let me know if you try them before and what you think of them :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Hello ladies :*
Today's post is inspired by Amarixe
( she is a beauty guru on youtube )

When it comes to women's grooming,
I wax and laser.

Lately, I have been super busy and I dont have the time to go out.
And you all can imagine how "sexy" I am :P

Honestly, from all the hair grooming, I personally think
eyebrow is the least worth it * no offense*
I mean, the area is tiny and my eyebrows are shaped naturally and it 

Lets Start!

First! You must cleanse away the area around your eyebrow to avoid any irritation.
And this is my eyebrow before waxing
* yes i do have a natural shaped eyebrow, so it is easy for me to wax mine :) if you dont have one, trace/shape an outline for your eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil and you are going to wax it following the shape*

Then take the big scissors and the wax strip, cut it into half or maybe 1/4 :)
You dont need a lot.
Mine is around 2cm wide :)

Then with that tiny strip
Cut it in half vertically and horizontally,
so you have 4 tiny strips.

Then, using any stick or brush, placed it on the outer corner of your nose, connecting to the inner corner of your eyes. This is where your eyebrow should start, place one of the strip on the area where the brow "dont belong"

Rub it along the direction of the eyebrow, mine is up.

Then, using one hand to pull up the skin on the forehead, while the other, pull down the strip quickly.

Do the same steps on the rest of the area :)
click on the picture.

Once everything is done, you will have this wax residue all around the eyebrow,
trust me, it is sticky hahaa and i dont like it.

To remove it, usually they have this special liquid but I dont have it, so i am using baby oil :)
Pour it onto a cotton pad and just cleanse the area that has wax left overs.

Use tissue to absorb and dab the oil
*unless you love the feeling of oil*

This is optional, use tweezers and scissors to trim down the hair.
I feel kinda lazy so I am leaving it up to the waxing.

and Ta-da!
This is without any eyebrow pencil.

With an eyebrow pencil and after shaping.

and it is done :)
One quick tips: just to be careful and not rushing.
I got my wax strip from Guardian.

enjoy :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Hello lovelies.

If I have to pick item that enhance a whole makeup look,
I would go for false lashes.

It is no secret that my lashes are short and straight and scarce.

And at one point, I went crazy and buy loads of them haha

I was excited when D'EYEKO contacted me again and wanted to ship their new series
which are the basic series of falsies.

So, this series are suitable if you are doing daily basis activity and want to look

Today, I will be reviewing the "Lengthening" falsies.
From the name, yes you guess it, it gives the "length" look on your lashes ;D

The packaging is different compare to the Princess Syahrini's ones,
well of course, different series, different designs :D
The packaging shape is the same, it is simple and easy to open.
You know some plastic packaging are super hard to open.

The good thing about this packaging is:
it has the transparent side where it shows the lashes.

At the back it contains their data
*so follow and like D'EYEKO if you havent*

It also has the steps on how to apply
which is helpful for the beginners.

and i dont know why, i always find the glue that comes with this product
is super great! It sticks on the skin so well and I am not afraid of them falling.

It also contains the ingredients for the glue, that is ver informative ;D

This is what you will get in one package :D
convenient eh?

Now, we all know that D'EYEKO false lashes always
meet the needs for the women :) 

This time, they are designed to meet the need of daily look.
Natural, thick and lengthen :)
After all, that is most girls' dream right? to have luscious lashes.

They are made from natural hair that are sterilized and handmade so every details are being observed.
They are light, soft and blend with the natural hair.

If you wear soft lens, like my sister :P, this product is safe for you to use
and you can reuse the lashes *which i love*

Each series has different styles, so they have choices for you to choose.
I got mine in #149 which is the ones that give a fantastic effect on the whole look.

Want me to prove it? well keep on reading ;D

One unique thing about D'EYEKO is
I realized that the lashes fits perfectly on my eyes.
I dont need to cut them or to measure them.

Although this is one of the basic series,
you can always wear this at night events.

The length and the style has the ability to create 2 different looks for different events :)

I personally think this product really give a natural effect.
*picture below, dont you think so?*

Natural yet stunningly sexy.

and let me show you the difference between with and without :D

until the next lashes review!


Hello bubblegums :*
* i have no idea why i call you guys bubblegums*

I received a package from BLESS.
As you all know my lovely history with BLESS, and when i heard or found out that they released their cosmetics line, i was beyond nine clouds.

I love makeup. I guess with makeup, it boost my confidence more and it hide my imperfections.

If you want to get this product
kindly click here to purchase

So, lets move on to what i think!

I have tried a few local products for their liquid eyeliner,
and this one here really got me to place it in my heart.

I received this chic, simple and clean designed eyeliner.
The packaging is simple and the design is simple and clean.

On the packaging, it has the logo and the name.
It says it is long wearing and waterproof.
I shall do some experiment of trying it out and capture it for you all :)

This eyeliner is made in Germany.

Just like any other normal liquid eyeliner, it has the tiny brush.
I think the tiny brush is tiny and soft which allows me to create any kind of shapes.
Of course it is also allowing me to take control of it.

This is the swatch, the best thing about this is,
it absorb into the skin and dries quickly.
I prefer liquid eyeliner that dries and absorb quickly.
I am impatience so, i need products that work fast :P

the removal test!
Tried with my fingers- Un-smudge-able *yeah i create a new word*
Tried with water+tissue- Smudge slightly, it will be remove after a few trial but i dont think it is a good thing to do on your eye skin area.
Tried with makeup remover- removed but after 3 swipe.

Then to make it more valid, i decided to wear it and go out.
I have a very oily skin and oily eyelids.
I have to use primer wherever i go.

This is how it looks like before going out.
Everything is beautiful in their own places and clean.
and MATTE! ahha

I choose to do a simple eyeliner shape here.

Then a few hours later, i think it was around 5 hours?
movies + dinner+jam
yeah around there :P

My skin turned into a greasy pan, my eyeshadow are gone ;D
but not the eyeliner!
the eyeliner is still in place, not moving anywhere :)

long-wearing & waterproof & smudgeproof
is proven :D

has any of you try this before?
let me know x