Friday, June 28, 2013


Hello my rainbow popsicles!

Did you know that I have been eyeing, aiming, wanting, longing for YSL Rouge Volupte #8 lipstick
but they are all discontinue *i heard*.

It is super annoying because I have been wanting it since last year.
I should have bought it the day I saw it.

Anyhoo, I decided to give other color a try, so I wanted #13 Peach passion
and they dont have it here.

Just my luck eh?

So, I decided to buy another coral color from their new range
The Rouge Volupte Shine.

So what is the difference?
Well the "shine" collection has more moisture and it is more glossy
compare to the previous one. 

First of all, YSL has the most elegant and expensive packaging.
When you hold it, you know it is coming and made from a good material.

I love the gold packaging. Gold and shiny.
The thing that made this product looks expensive is the
pattern of the logo that are carved? in the middle of the lipstick in gold.

I have been obsessed with peach color, pink + coral combo.
They are such a gorgeous color to wear day and night.

So, after spending a few good moments at the YSL store,
I decided to pick #14 in the "shine" collection.

At first I felt it is too orange but when I swatch it on my hand,
it is orange but not a bright orange.

Here is the swatch.
The best thing about this lipstick is, not only it has a high moisture for the lips,
which i need A LOT! it has a good color pigmentation for lipstick with moistures.

You can control the color of the lipstick on your lips.
If you wanna go sheer, apply one layer or if you want to go bright, apply a few layers.
It glides on easily on my lips and has a good coverage for a moisture & glossy lipstick.

But of course, if I have to compare with the previous collection,
the previous collection are more pigmented and matte.

But for a moisturizing & glossy lipstick, the pigmentation for this is good :)

There is a slight of fruity scent.

and this is how it looks on me :)
I applied 2 layers and I love how natural it looks.

and moisturizing because i have dry lips that caused me to pick on the dry skin.
That is a bad habit.

Here is the close up :)

what are your favorite luxurious lipstick?


Alexandra said...

by far this is also my favorite luxe-brand lippie :D i got mine in #12 and I loveee it..

meutia nuraini said...

Lovely colour :)
Mine is wardah, I love matte lipstick