Monday, June 24, 2013


Ciao Bella!


That was my attempt to speak Italian.
Anyway, another review on a blush on!

The price:
IDR 95000 ish
( was around there )

The packaging:

Hmm, somehow it doesnt attract me but!
With the price and the size of the blush, it is worth it!
The transparent lid is my fave because it allows me to see the color.

At the back it doesnt have alot of information but the name of the color is there :D

What is interesting about this product is, they are using the space wisely.
When i say wisely, they considered the price, the size and the practical of the product.
Size of the blush is big, Price was reasonable and the practicality of the product can be seen where they kept the brush :D

The color swatch:
See what did i tell you about the size of the blush? and the reasonable amount of money you pay :D
very worth it right?

The texture is so soft and velvety!
With a gentle and light swipe, the color is visible and thick on my finger.
The texture allows this product to be able to blend nicely and a little bit goes a long way :D
The pigmentation is good.

Here is how it looks like :D
quite beautiful isnt it?
i didnt add alot but you can always layer it up!

- worth every penny
- love the texture and pigmentation
- love the packaging
- downside: less color choice :/

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