Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hello love :)
This product here probably isnt a stranger to you.
And there are a lot of reviews out there from other beauty bloggers who reviewed about this :)

But let me tell you what I honestly think.
I purchased this a few months ago.
It came with an outer packaging but I threw it away ;D

The packaging *based on my memory* was black 
with statement saying:
- waterproof
- lengthens

So here is the mascara itself.
I love the mascara packaging, shiny yet vintage but not a girly vintage :)

Then the wand or the brush *however you want to call it"
It is different than other mascara brushes that i have tried, this one here has a more tiny
brushes and not too "brushy". What makes this different is the tiny round tip with tiny brush where it allows you to apply mascara to the area where it is hard to get :)

Very Clever!

Then let me show you the proof.
Here is me wearing them;)

-lengthens *check*
-volumize *err kinda but i give it a check*
-it held the curls pretty nicely *for almost a whole day*

Can you spot the different?

Well I think this mascara really shows what it says on the box.
I love this mascara because:
#1. waterproof
*with my oily eyelids, i need all the waterproof/crease-proof product in full strength that are available*

#2. Lengthens
*well my eyelashes are straight and short so by adding some length it helps to make my eyes bigger*

#3. Volumizing
* there is a trick if you want to add more volume :) by adding a coat on top of the upper lashes*

#4. Holds the curl very good :D

how many of you tried this before?
let me know x


Alexandra said...

I just received my free sample from Benefit and I love it too :D it gives me length and volume <3

MI said...

I love your new blog design :)
Anyway, is the mascara smudge proof too?

theresia fweegy said...

@alexandra: yes no wonder this product is so good :D
@MI: thanks dear :* it is to me :)

Azwa Amanina said...

i love this mascara!!it gives a natural finish and its unheavy. #GIG