Friday, June 7, 2013


Eloha everyone!

it is friday! wheeeee weekend is here. 
well some of you guys are probably enjoying your weekend since Wednesday but my weekend starts now! and the first that i do to open the weekend is to write a review on this very lovely palette that i have and had been eyeing for a very long time. 

This is love at first sight.
I saw this first at The Balm event that i attend and that was where and when i encountered this product. And one of the beauty blogger a.k.a makeup artist create a look for me using this palette and let me tell you everything was beautiful :P Cupid was so good at his aiming, his arrow struck through my heart and my heart straight away fell in love with this product. *exaggerating much :P *
I was hesitant to buy it and lets be honest, the price was kinda steep.

In store it is around RP 450.000
(if i am not mistaken but around there)

Then... i attended a beauty fair and met this palette again.
boy oh boy, my heart wanted it but i was holding back.

Then, i saw their website one day and they were having 50% off,
not bad i thought so i order it online but it was pre-order so i had to wait for roughly one month and the price was RP 358.000, which i think it is not bad :)

*yes i actually got this item through pre-order and we all know how much i hate waiting :P *

Alright so that was a little story behind this palette

and.. hello there!
i am feegy and i am using the palette for my daily makeup look:)
here is the picture of me wearing it (below)

and if you want to know the lipstick i wore, it was
NYX "Pink lyrics"
(bought it online)

Alright.. let me tell you my honest opinion and why i love this product deadly 
*haha a tad too extreme there :P *

First, the packaging!
I love everything vintage
it can be from french soft vintage to the sexy Marilyn Monroe Vintage.

I love the packaging design. They color coordinate it well, you know..
nude tude = nude = natural = brown or other soft warm color

at the back, it has the name so i believe these eyeshadows are sold in ones?
correct me if im wrong, i wasnt paying attention to their other products since whenever i passed their store, this is the only product i looked at :P
do let me know though on the comment box.

it also has ingredients list, again if you are allergic to certain chemical, you can check it out here :)
or i dont know, i am not a scientist that understand each effect of each of these ingredients had haha and if you are one, then maybe you know the advantages of each ingredients have for this palette?

hahaha i hope i make sense

So, open the palette this is what it looks like (picture below)
A mirror on one side, and the mirror has a pretty decent size :D

and this is what makes me fall in love, apart from the quality, the sexy ladies inside :P
They are so cheeky you know, nude tude = nude = ladies =naked = cheeky by covering their "parts" with the eyeshadow. 
Ok enough about that haha

I love each of the name they have in this palette, 
so sexy, so seductive, so Marilyn.

*for the names, kindly enlarge the picture*

So let us talk about the quality
and main reason behind my 'falling in love at first sigh and test"

Good pigmentation, this product here, you dont need to apply alot!
literally, a tiny bit will go a long way.

(i didnt swipe too hard on these eyeshadow and look at the color)

It has a soft powdery and velvety texture and of course,
this kind of texture will give off a great pigmentation.

Easy to blend :)

Natural colors, now i have this slight obsession with natural colors eyeshadow haha

oh! the best thing about this is, it comes with a brush and this brush has the function as an eyeshadow brush AND and eyebrow brush, so if you are the type of girl who loves traveling or a working woman who travels a lot, this might come in handy because it has a multi function usage.

The longevity, 
i used an eye primer so, yeah it last pretty long.

this is the look on my eye :)
i used: stand offish + sophisticated + sleek

until next post!


Azwa Amanina said...

i love this palette!!!i heard so many good reviews on this product. <3 #GIG

The Serotinal said...

Love the look you created! This palette looks like a wonderful neutrals palette. Thanks for the review!

Lyne said...

gw demen sama yang selfish >.<
finally you got it! <3

theresia fweegy said...

@azwa: yeap this is one good palette :) somehow it reminds me of the naked palette

@theserotinal: welcome doll :* love this palette A LOT

@jess: yes i got it haha penantian gw untuk PO :P ini PO lhooo hahaha *bangga bisa sabar menunggu*