Thursday, June 20, 2013


Hello there my sexy angels, or should i call you girls, muses :P

This post, wont be about a review, or makeup tutorial but it will be a simple and quick opinions.
does the statement make sense? hmm

Well, I was cleaning up my room and then i took a big and huge step to get rid most of the foundations or bb creams that i barely use. You know give some more space for a new ones hahahaha

so if you wanna buy the other foundie or bb cream that i am letting go, 
click here 

I decided to pick 3 BB Creams that i truly love and would repurchase them again.

They are..

drum rolls please.

1. Lioele triple the solution BB Cream
2. Etude House Shini Star BB Cream
3. Missha Perfect cover BB Cream

All of these have alot of similarities that made me fall in love with them.
They have a good staying power on my oily skin, good coverage on my scars and acne.
 They smell great too :P

But i guess the main reason why i love them is basically the staying power, i found it quite annoying whenever i have to do alot of touch up. Well blotting my face with the oil blotting paper once a while is alright but there are certain products that arent that great with the staying power and that will make me worry about my look for the entire day = not practical.

Well here are my top 3 BB Creams, what are yours?
tell me in the comment box below and maybe i give them a try :P 


Melissa Olivia said...
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Melissa Olivia said...

Aku juga lagi pake Missha nih ce.. Oil controlnya top dah, biasanya tengah hari ud blotting di T-zone, tapi ini sore br keluar. I love Missha n hopefuly doesnt make me breakout!