Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hello my cutie pie!
I am so proud of our local brand, 
their quality is as superb as the international ones.
I mean sometimes i would prefer to buy our local products than the drugstore ones.

I got sponsored by Viva Cosmetic 

and i received a booklet containing alot of information on their products, how to use them and the tips and steps on applying makeup. I am not sure on how to get your hands on this booklet but.. for this post, i captured on the tips on applying lipstick following the different shape of lipstick :) hope it helps.

Alrighty, lets start my lovelies!

The packaging both outer and the product themselves are here :) This is Viva Queen and it is the higher brand from Viva *but i do wear their other brand of lipstick ;) *

The box is simple, comes in a soft yellow color with the combination of gold color. Pretty simple actually, i would have thought it contains information on the box but nope.

The product itself is simple too, an ivory almost to white color body with gold color :)
Classy, vintage and simple.
The size is normal actually and the shape too.

When you opened the product and lift the cap, there is the manufacturing date and the logo :)

The number and the type of lipstick is written at the bottom of both box and product

Although the box is plain, but they dont forget to write the manufacturing date which helps me to remember the expiry date ;) I am not that bothered about the box actually. It can be as plain as they want it wont bother me :) because what counts is the inside right? ;)

The color swatch:
They have given me the best color ever! :D honestly, i actually owned two other colors that i bought my own, so you know how much i love this brand :)

The texture is moisturizing but not a high level of moisturizing so when it says moisture lipstick, it really has moisture hence it is very easy to apply and it glides well on my lips, knowing i have a dry and chapped lips. 
However, the color pigmentation is medium, because if you see the lipstick itself, the color is gorgeous, i kinda expect it to be bright. No worries, you can always layer it up and sometimes i prefer texture like this for daily basis. The scent is.. powdery and strong.  

This is the swatch, it is done with one swipe then three swipe,
see how it can build up so i guess lipstick with this kind of texture and pigmentation is somehow multifunction ;)

And this is how the color looks on my lips ;)

so how many of you ever try this product?
Oh and the price :P you can check their website and you can buy them online!

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