Sunday, May 5, 2013



so, you have probably know that after i went and search for the best Local brand, now i have a mission to find the best Korean brand. When i say the best i am also considering the price and the quality.
After all you want to spend money where you can see it right? in this case a good quality that will make your looks superb!

I bought 2 single eyeshadow from TONY MOLY

(Thank you to Amy who recommend this brand :D, as my fellow korean friend i have faith in her )

The price is:
IDR 59.000
(probably the low cost i found but i am still searching)

The packaging:
It is quite simple with a transparent case where it allows me to see the color.
The size is normal for a single eyeshadow.
Design is simple.

at the back, it has the information in Korean but i dont read Korean :P

To open it, just like any other eyeshadow, pull the lever on the top lid outward and bring it up :D
It is a simple packaging actually.

The color swatch:

I think i did have my complaints on most of the Korean product that i bought that the color pigmentation isnt vibrant. Tony Moly have proven me wrong!
The swatch here is done with only one swipe and the color is visible, never seen one like this before.
The texture is soft and semi velvety so it will give a great color come off, great blending ability and great staying power.

But then again, i have a very oily eyelids even with a strong eyeshadow strength, it will still crease hence thats why i used eye primer alot.

Here is how it looks like, i dont have any primer on it though so this swatch is just the color of the eyeshadow only. It turned out alright knowing, i have no eye primer and most Korean brand of eyeshadow doesnt show well on me but this one does :D

- good pigmentation
- good texture
- gives off a visible color on my eyes
- love the price
- alright with the packaging

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