Saturday, May 25, 2013


hello my angels!
I have been aiming to get this product for so long and finally 
i got it!

*pats on the back* 

The price:
RP 55.000


The packaging:
Well it doesnt come with an outer box, so lets start with the product.
On the pencil itself is printed with alot of information such as ingredients, company,
usage, etc.

Very practical actually and it saves alot of material, I guess it is also helping with the global warming.

This product works as concealer, brightener and reverse lip liner.

Well, i am sure you all know that now there is a rule against animal cruelty
and look! how adorable the logo for cruelty free :3

The swatch:

The texture is soft and it glides on easily :) of course it is easy to blend.
The pigmentation is strong with one stroke, the coverage is good! medium to high and you can always layer it up to cover blemishes.

One funny thing, the main reason why i was aiming to get this is because i thought this could work as an eyeliner but oops, it didnt say on the product itself haha

So, as eye brightener = *check*
concealer = *check*
(pic below)

and i didnt try for the reverse lip liner :P so apologize i cant tell you the result for that but so far, it has proven the two usage though so it is a good product.

As a concealer, (pic below)

this is my pimple
* i am saying it proudly :P*

One layer of concealer

Blend it and voila!
Cover 99%

- handy, i keep this in my handbag
- good pigmentation and texture
- easy to blend
- good coverage
- informative *thumbs up*

do you own this?
let me know what you think ;)


dollnara ♡ said...

Seems to be a good product~~ thanks for the review :)

Queenly Tan said...

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The Serotinal said...

I love multifunctional products :D This looks promising! Thanks for the review!

theresia fweegy said...

@dollnara: yeap multifunction and handy. hehehe good to be put inside your daily makeup pouch

@queenly: thanks love ;)

@the serotinal: me too! they are practical and very useful ;)