Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Hello love!

I probably wont need to say anything much because i am sure this palette is one booming product in the beauty community worldwide. Why?

well, because it is the dupe for the naked palette (both 1 & 2) and what makes this palette even more famous? the price baby :P 

basically, this palette is such a good bargain! but of course when i bought this, it is more higher than the original price but, not that high though :)

I cant tell you the price because i dont think she has any extra stock? so i dont want to disappoint you :(

The packaging:

The packaging of course I cant compare with UD Naked, but this packaging has its own specialty:) like the transparent lid that allows me to see the colors.

But what i love about this product is the information at the back,
apart from the ingredients, the colors name, it has a "mini master class"
where it taught you how to apply certain colors onto your eyes ;)

The color swatch:

Well, after being excited having them in my hands, i tried them on straight away.
The texture is not velvety, soft and slightly semi powdery. The color pigmentation varies, matte color tend to have a low pigmentation while the sparkly ones has a great one. So it affects to the coverage where the matte color tend to have a low coverage (can barely see the color) while the sparkly ones are high :) 

I also realised that the eyeshadow is so easy to be washed away with water :(

Some looks from the mini masters class :)


-well aside from the informative packaging and the similar color dupe for UD Naked 1&2, i  honestly am a little disappointed with the pigmentation and texture, i guess i kinda expect them to have a high pigmentation and texture like UD Naked 1&2 :P but well i got what i paid for :P

what do you think?

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Becky-Ann said...

Nice colour range! I always wear the same colour I think it's about time I invested in a new pallette!