Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Hello everyone :)
So this is probably one of my liquid eyeliner that isnt from Japan or Korea and surprisingly, it is good!
Maybelline never disappoint me with their eyeliner and mascara range actually, so i do recommend their products if you are looking for one. 

As for the price, i apologize i have forgotten because i have this eyeliner for quite sometimes now.

The product packaging:
It is practical in the form of a pen shape so i can hold and apply it nicely onto my eyes :)
I can take control of the shape and as you can see the colors are vibrant, a combo of gold and black.

The brush is tiny and that is what i like about this eyeliner,
It allows me to control on the thickness of the line onto my eyes.

The color swatch:
I must say the color pigmentation is just medium compare to my other japanese brand eyeliner but you can always built up the color to make it more vibrant. This eyeliner dries quick :)

So i tried to smudge it with my finger and voila!
it stays!

Then with a wet tissue :) well most of it gone but you still can see it there.

How it looks like on my eyes.

- Waterproof and smudge-proof
- medium color pigmentation
- easy to apply
- able to take control on the thickness of the line
- easy to find at the stores in here :) 


JcLiani said...

di counter ada?

yovi said...

Totally agree with you!It's not highly pigmented but still get the job done :) I like to use it to create sharp point cat-eye liner.

theresia fweegy said...

@jessy: harusnya sih ada tapi aku belum sempet keluar2 lg neh hehehe

@yovi: yeapp that's why i love this eyeliner :D