Monday, May 13, 2013


hello all :)

I am back with a review on this base from one of the famous Korean brand :)
It is the Baby Choux from Etude House.

I have heard so many good things about it and I am in search to find a great base so here i am with this product in my hand. 

The price, I got it from an online shop for RP 120.000 (exclude shipping)

The packaging:

The outer packaging is super adorable, i love the cute design with pink and white stripes. I love it even more how they got their inspiration from pastries shop. Sweetness all around :) On the box itself has the information in Korean and English so it is good for international user like me to read what is inside the product and to read on other interesting facts. 

The product's jar is also beyond adorable!
I must admit when it comes to designs in cosmetics from Korea, they are number one!
Very cute, feminine and innovative. 
To open the product, simply twist the cap and use the plastic spatula to take the base out.

At the bottom, it has the main information but I cant read Korean :P
I just know that this is in the #2 and it has SPF 25 

The swatch:

Alrighty then, onto the juicy part, this is what it looks like when the product is open.
The first thing i realized is the scent, although i have said a thousand times before i hate the sweet dessert kinda scent, but somehow with this one, i love it! it isnt strong and it is pretty subtle :)

The texture of the base is like a soft mousse, it isnt thick and creamy. It spread easily, blend easily and absorb into the skin and dries quickly. I also can feel a tiny creamy-ness in the blending process but of course it is also to moisturize.  You dont need alot with this product, trust me, i learned my lesson haha :P  

This is how it looks like after blending, the usage with this #2 Berry Choux is to give a more radiant look on the face. Although in the jar itself, it looks very pink, i was afraid it will turn dark on my face, but it makes my skin glow.

I believe this also work to make the texture of the skin smother especially if you have pores like me :P

This is the texture after being blend into the skin.

So this is how it looks like
* none of these pics are edited*

so what do you think?
I think it covers my pores but not a lot.

Here is the face after bb cream

and after a powder.

and this is the face of the day!

- well it doesn't have a great oil control because i had to blot after 3 hours
- it does hide the pores but not alot
- it makes the skin glowing and radiant
- it has a great scent, great texture that is lightweight and easy to blend and absorb.



Penulis Amatir said...

Hi, there
I never tried this sweet recipe range before.
I seldom use primer before bb cream because I have quite sensitive skin, I'm afraid primer will only clog my pores. But this product seems nice and soft.
Thank u, ur review is quite helpful for me, guess someday I'll try it too

btw I'm deasy from
have a nice day :)

Becky-Ann said...

Great review! Thanks for sharing :)

theresia fweegy said...

@deasy: hai :) nice to meet you, i have a sensitive skin as well actually but this product is so soft and lightweight. My biggest problem i have is my oily skin, so i tend to find products that have a great oil control power :P

@becky: thank you dear :*

The Serotinal said...

I love their Sweet Recipe line ^^ The choux bases are some of my favorite makeup bases.

Missy Neveradullmoment said...

I have been umming and ahhing at whether to get this, now this review has definitely swayed me hun, your skin already looks great but it definitely compliments your skin beautifully. Great review