Sunday, May 26, 2013


Did you know how long i have been waiting for this product?
Most online shop sell them at a steep price and i rather wait to get the perfect price and
guess what? 

be patient and you will get the answer ;)

I got it!

Well as for the price, i wont mention it because i bought it from a friend of mine and this is the only one product she is selling :P

Anyway.. lets move on!

The packaging:

the packaging reminds me of NARS, i dont know why.
The size is alright it is medium but it is nice to hold ;D
When you open it, it has a mirror and 2 compartment for blush &bronzer.
The downside is it doesnt come with a brush.

Oh and the packaging is plain, and at the back, the name isnt written instead it is written in the number and the worst thing is, it is written in a tiny and small font, i found it hard to read :(

sorry it is messy :P been loving this so much!

The color swatch:

Okay, i love the bronzer color! it works and suits well with my skin :D 
Aside from that, the color pigmentation is great :) this is taken with one sturdy swipe! and the texture is soft and velvety! Yes the coral color isnt that visible but it is on my face :) giving off such a natural glow of coral touch ;) 

The blending ability is superb! it absorb into the skin and blends in well leaving such a natural look on the skin!

How it looks on me :)
See when i said the bronzer is the best shade for my skin :) it blends in so natural and giving off the perfect shade of my skintone and the coral color giving a natural glow for summer!

- great shading color for my skintone
- great texture, coverage, pigmentation
-great packaging, just nice to hold
- the size is perfect ;)
- easy to blend into the skintone

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