Tuesday, May 21, 2013


hola chicas!
hehehe... another lipstick review!
yeap, whenever i see a new brand, lipstick is the first thing i check out!

so today, a lipstick from a brand called DEBORAH MILANO
Italian brand i believe and believe it or not, i am learning Italian through this.
Like on the lipstick it sas ILROSSETTO probably means lipstick :P

anyway, the price.. oh dear, i forgot :/ but it was around IDR 95.000 

The packaging:
It comes with the lipstick only. No outer box.
I love the red color and the size. The writing and the design of this packaging is actually normal, simple and clean. Material is light durable and somehow plastic-y (not glass)
I personally dont think there is any special design on this product apart from the color, the size and the design ;D that attract me!

The color swatch:
It has a scent of a typical lipstick but it isnt that strong.
The color is fuchsia with a blue undertone.
The color pigmentation is actually superb and i swatch it for you on my hand with a light gesture only!
The texture is creamy and moisturizing, just what my lips needed :P
It is also easy to blend.
I forgot to capture the picture after i tried to remove the lipstick and let me tell you, if you love a good long lasting lipstick, go for this one! 
I personally prefer lipstick that is easy to remove, i dont know why but i do so with this one here, i had some hard time to remove it haha but i know that this lipstick is a good product, good texture and color pigmentation and long lasting.

On the downside though, they dont have a lot of color choice for me, the only pink shade i found that i like is this :/ 

This is how it looks on my lips, i actually love it.
Probably going to find a neutral color if i happen to go out.

- love the texture
- love the pigmentation
- long lasting
- love the packaging shape and size
- dislike the color choice
- as for the price, it is reasonable and i think it is good with the quality you are getting


Anonymous said...

suka warnanya sist,
btw emg packagingnya mini ya?

theresia fweegy said...

hehe mini bngt sih kg :P ini aku jual, kebanyakan lipstick xD hahaha