Sunday, May 19, 2013


Hello ladies :)

One day, i was walking in the mall and thinking, i wanna do some searching for a good Korean Brand.. but then, my eyes caught something else. Next to Elizabeth Arden counter, i found a brand called DEBORAH MILANO.

Honestly, i never heard of the brand, and as a normal human being, i did have my own hesitation on their quality and everything, i was going to walk away but my heart told me to stop and check out the tester, needless to say, i found their products are quite good.

So i end up purchasing A LOT!


Here is a few snapshop of the company's website 

Alright! so lets move on to the product :D

I purchased them at Taman Anggrek Matahari.

The price:
 liquid foundation was around IDR 135.000
compact powder was around IDR 95.000
im sorry again i cant remember but it was around there :P wasnt that pricey.

The Liquid Foundation Packaging:
I love it! With the price i paid, the packaging is actually a high-end ones!
With a glass tube body and a sturdy black pump and the price i paid, it was worth it!
The design chosen and the color chosen also perfect, it made the whole product looks high-end!

On the product packaging, it contains alot of information, and one of them is the fact that they stated: NO TOUCH UPS!
so we shall see later on in this post ;)

Got mine in fair shade but i personally for this fair shade it is actually quite dark for me, but again, we shall see that later on the Swatches.

At the back of the packaging, it is all written in Italian but i know for a fact that these are the information like the manufacturer, the ingredients and etc.

The this the look of the pump, i love it because it is clean and i dont have to dip my finger into the product which probably might contaminate the whole thing. 

The Liquid Foundation Swatch:
Again as i mention earlier, this color is too dark although it says fair :s
When i first apply it onto my face, i realized it has a gorgeous scent just like a high-end product!
The texture is creamy at first but it is very easy and quick to be blend into the skin leaving the skin soft.
It has a good pigmentation and coverage and a little bit goes a long way! but as it covers on acnes, it doesnt cover on my scarring. It is also light weight and doesnt feel cakey at all! 

The down side with the packaging is, you have to be very careful and neat when it comes to put the lid back onto the pump, otherwise, this happen :P

The compact powder packaging:

the shape is just unique! and the size is thin.
I do love the color actually :P
It contains information at the back which is good.

Inside, it has the puff and a mirror that covers most of the shape and i like mirror like this.

The Compact Powder Swatch:
I actually tried out the compact powder before purchasing and that moment i knew this product has a soft & velvety texture that will blend well into the skin. Since the foundation is already dark, this powder help slightly in balancing it out. It settles in well into the skin after the foundation.

So a little testing out:

It lasts a good whole 5 hours without me having to blot, by the time it is 5.30pm my skin slightly to get oily but i wont deny that my nose was the first to get oily :P and i wore this combination on the day where and when i met my friends but i had to walk across the mall to get something under a hot weather and pollution. So i assume that this combination will be great if you are an active person :) 

- love these great combo
- love the scent of the foundation
- love the texture for the foundation & the compact
- love how it settles in and blend quickly into the skin
- dislike the color choice
- love the oil control and the lasting power.


ree recto verso said...

baru aja liat websitenya iya full italian ya ckkckck bingung kalo gak ditranslate...
harga produknya di indonesia murah banget dibandingin kalo di kurs dari euro yaa kak
tertarik banget coba brand ini, tapi belom banyak yg review dan di surabaya gatau ada ato engga' :(

theresia fweegy said...

@ree: iya, ini aku aja ktm di matahari nyempil gt, trus pas aku coba testernya kayaknya bagus, tapi sayang ga ada shade yang masuk ke kulit aku :( padahal tahan lama bngt

Fels said...

Wah.. Mupeng.. Hihihi..
Tapi aku kombi kulitnya n pipi bs kering n ngelupas ktu klo ga cocok *hiks..
Kalo dibanding ama PAC, gmn say menurutmu? (Compact nya)

theresia fweegy said...

@fels: hmm kalo pac foundie aku belum pernah coba hehee tp yg ini sih sbnrnya aku suka bangetttt, sayangnya shade aku ga ada, yang fair aja kegelapan :(