Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I dont know why I didnt do a review on this product,
This is one of my favorite lipstick.

So lets start my petite pumpkins!

The price:
I dont know because this is a gift :*

The packaging:
I believe there was an outer box but I threw it out *oops*
so lets start with the lipstick itself shall we?

 I love the design, whoever design this, he/she is a great product designer!
I love the style on the body of this lipstick and i love the combination of the silver and dark blue.
The material is hard and sturdy, therefore the quality is guaranteed.

To open and use this lipstick, you have to twist the bottom of the lipstick :)

On top of the cap, it is emboss with the logo of Dior
* i am a sucker for Dior, their designs and styles are so girly, high class and elegant*

Another embossing on the silver lining.

The color swatch:

The texture of this product is creamy so it is good for my chapped lips :P and the great thing about this is it has a great pigmentation! Vibrant and gorgeous color will give off from this product and usually product with high moisturizer tend to have a lower pigmentation but not for this one.

It has a good lasting power on my lips but of course not when i wipe it on purpose. It has a great coverage, with one sturdy appliance will cover both lips.

Lastly, it is easy to blend ;)

I love how the color is so natural on my lips :)

How it looks on me :)
ignore my pimples! :P

- moisturizing & high pigmentation
*thumbs up*
- classy packaging
- good coverage 

Such a perfecto producto for my chapped lips


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