Thursday, May 2, 2013


I am sure that my oily skin isnt a secret anymore :P
so goes to my oily eyelids.

I cant wear eyeshadow without any eye primer!

I found this local brand eye primer when i was browsing the internet hehe
and i thought i would give it a try ;D

The price:
IDR 29.000
(got mine from Jopankar Kosmetik (fb))

The packaging:

As usual, i think the local brand has a great packaging full with information :D
and i do love the design, simple and clean.

I love the fact that this packaging has the information, ingredients and expiry date on the box.

On the tube itself, it contains the whole information that is written on the outer box
on the tube itself, it is a good thing just incase people lost the box like i always do :P

The eye base is in the form of a tube where you can squeeze it and it is clean because you dont have to dip your finger in it :D *yayy* 

The swatch:

It came off in this creamy white color and texture, but when you blend it, it settles into your skin quickly but it still leaves a tiny bit of moisturizer, so it doesn't have a dry and matte texture but do leave it for a few seconds to make it dry.

It has a scent that i dont really like.

Lets see the staying power:
as you can see from the pictures, it lasts for almost a good 5 hours
which isnt bad for a local brand :D

- love the price
- love the staying power ( i feel this is similar to my NYX on my eyes)
- love the packaging
-dislike the scent

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Sam Lanuza said...

There are only few eye primer available in PH. The staying power is decent enough for its price. :)

SAM via GiG ♥