Tuesday, May 28, 2013


elo everybodeh!

Recently, i have been obsessed with Korean brand cosmetics and
i found this product.

I was unsure about it because of the price but then i decided to buy it haha :P

Now.. why did i buy it?
hmm well, i dont own any of these type of lip product before, so this is a new product for me to test and i have a good feeling because since this is a pigment, it should be super pigmented on my lips!

and i recently got addicted watching stylenanda :P

The packaging:

Okeh, so the packaging, it came with the outer box but i threw it away.
So, lets see the product packaging itself shall we?

Few people told me that this product is similar to OCC Lip Tar, but i never used it so i cant really give you the comparison :P

The product packaging comes in a tube like this *pic below*
I love this type of packaging, so easy to use and to squeeze the product out and of course hygienic. 

I actually love the logo and the style of the design, it is not feminine but it is edgy slightly?

At the back of the product, it has the name and a few other information i assume in korean language but since i cant read korean, i have no idea what it says except for the name of the color :P

and at the bottom on the packaging, they have the the strip of the color. 

This is what it looks like when you open the cap.
It has a tiny long tube and i love the tiny opening or gap at the end of the tube to allow the pigments to come out in small amount, i dont want to waste the product :P

The color swatches and everything:

Here are the two colors i purchased, yet i still have well more like longing and wanting to purchase 2 more colors but im holding myself not to buy it. 

I bought in pink and natural colors so that i can wear them in two separate ways,
you know, if i wanna go for nude, then i go for the Mink Beige or feeling girly, i would go for the Electro Pink one :P

The texture of this product is actually not super creamy. It is light weight and it absorb into the skin really quickly! You wont feel cakey or coated on the lips :P

The pigmentation is high because in the picture below, i apply a tiny bit onto my lips and it covered all giving out the bright pink or nude look straight away :)

so if i want to go for crazy bold look, i can add a few layers more :P

However, this product doesnt have any moisturizer in it, well i dont think it has since it is a pigment, so i have to add my own lipgloss or lipbalm afterwards.

If you love the matte look for lips, i do recommend this product.

And the scent, i dont think it has any scent and that is the best part!
Most lip products tend to have this certain scent but for this one, i can barely remember it though.

and those pictures above are the ones with each color on my lips,
lets see when you mixed these two up!

the picture below shows the color :D
kinda pinky peachy.

and how it looks on my lips :)
the mink beige toned down the electro pink
giving such a nice and natural pink.

I think i can make it more peachy by adding more beige :P

and ta-da!
me getting ready to go out.

that is all for today's review!
Hope it helps you and if you use this before, let me know what you think!

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love you!


Azwa Amanina said...

the pink colour looks so pretty and pigmented!ohh im loving this!!

zy said...

ggewhere did u buy them?.. >.< tell me please.. hehe thanks before ^_^

yovi said...

Hi hi..judging by the texture,if it's lightly applied... do you think it's possible to use this as a cheek stain as well? v^_^


theresia fweegy said...

@azwa: yes this is good :D
@zy: mirielle beaute (fb) hehehe
@yovi: possible i think, but i never try it before :P

MI said...

finally, ada yg review product ini juga, aku pengen bgt beli yg electric pink tapi ragu2, skrg gak ragu lg deh :) thank you for reviewing it :)


turiscantik.com said...

nice review ;)