Friday, April 26, 2013


Hello my donut glaze!
I have a mineral cream blusher on review today :)

well it says "mineral" blusher, usually mineral cosmetics work well on oily skin ;)

The price:

The packaging:

The outer box has a girly and sweet design :3 i love pink!
and that is my feminine side :) It contains information both in Korean and english so international user will find this helpful to see the ingredients and everything.

The product itself is cute, since this is a cream mineral blusher, it comes in a tube where you need to squeezed it. With this type of packaging, it is easy to control the amount of the product you want to use.

The swatch:

The pigmentation is medium to high so make sure only to apply a tiny bit and build it up, well unless you want to have a strong and bold cheeks ;) The texture is soft and creamy but settled into the skin quickly and dried straight away. It blends in easily and gave a great coverage. 

As for the staying power, it would be invalid to give the answer from me because i tend to touch up my whole face with powder and tissue :( 

How it looks on me ;)

I love how it gives off such a natural flush cheek ;)
Great texture, great pigmentation and great blending ability. 
Cute design yet chic.

Have you used this before?
Tell me what you think ;)

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Anonymous said...

can it also be used as lipgloss? or lipstick?