Monday, April 29, 2013


Well.. i have a story to tell you!

Incase if you dont know about me and my life, here is a short quick story,
I grew up half of my life in Malaysia. Yes, i moved there for 6th grade until 3 years ago :)
When i was there, of course i spend my teenage life obsessing and learning about makeup and i knew this brand since forever, but for some reason, they didnt appeal to me back then..

Now, i bought them and all i can say it i wish i bought them back in Malaysia :P

The price:
i forgot.... but one advice, visit Matahari Dept store in Taman Anggrek to buy because they have a cheaper price compare to other store :) *That is where i got mine from *

The packaging:

Well, i wont say it is high class or fancy but the transparent lid allows me to pick and see the colors nicely. At the back contains the information and it comes with a brush. I personally think that this packaging is simple :)

The color swatch:

For Malaysian local brand, it has a good color pigmentation. The colors are vibrant so a little bit goes a long way :) As for the coverage, it is superb and giving off a natural look. The texture is soft and velvety :) and it blend easily into the skin.

How it looks on my face :)
see how natural it is and it gives off a healthy rosy soft pink glow ;D

- good pigmentation
- good texture
- gives off a natural glow :) and color!
- i just wish the packaging would be better looking.


Mizu chan said...

the color is really pretty :)

theresia fweegy said...

@mizu: yes it is :)

Cynthia Renard said...

It looks good and natural! Love, Cynthia