Monday, April 8, 2013


another day, another review, thats how crazy i am with beauty product especially makeup :P
I owned this bb cream for a very long time, this was the second bb cream i purchased :P

It is Missha but.. i dont know the full name for this bb cream and it doesnt says on the tube itself :(
so i am going to call it Missha BB Cream (matte)

The Price:
i think if was around RP 300.000 ish? well round it up :P

The packaging:
The tube is alright, i love it when i can squeezed it because i can control the amount that i need :)
I love the silver look because it makes this look clean and posh.
It has a little introduction of the product in front which is useful for me :)

The BB Cream:
- it has this soft powdery scent that i love :)
- the texture of this bb cream is different compare to my other bb cream, this bb cream has the "thickest" texture and less liquid-y
- the color is slightly lighter than a skintone/beige so when applies to the face, it makes my face lighter but that is not a problem for me :)
- it feels it is heavy for the cream itself but when apply equally all over the face it feels lightweight.
- it has a good and high coverage where it managed to cover and hide my huge red pimple * this is why i dont use concealer alot*

a little experiment where i get ready for a day out :)

- my face only started to get oily after a whole good 7 hours *woohoo*
- love the scent
- love the texture that is lightweight on my face
-i love the thick texture on the bb cream that gives a good and high coverage.
- Price wise, slightly expensive but worth every penny for the quality :)

will i repurchased?
- i would but i think i prefer to spend that amount for a new foundation and nope i am not saying this product is bad, it is REALLY GOOD :)

til next time :*


cay said...

ci itu emang merknya missha BBC matte aja ya ..
Hhhii, bagus kayaknya jdi mau icip2 :D

theresia fweegy said...

iya mereknya Misha
and di tulis matte haha bagus sih ini utk oily skin ;D