Monday, April 22, 2013


So, I believe Mirabella has a few series of lipstick but i choose the Designer Lipsticks.
I dont know, probably the word "designer" attract me :P

anyway... lets continue with this review!

The price:
RP 18.000
Bought at: Jopankar Kosmetik (fb)

The product packaging:

Unlike any other lipstick, this product doesn't come with a box packaging, which is fine though.
I dont really care :P I found the color purple is interesting * no i am not saying it is bad but im not saying it is good either* and the material is thick, durable and for the price i paid, i know i got a good material product.

To open this lipstick, it is still normal just like any other lipstick, pull the cap and twist the body.
I mean we know that there are lipstick out there that are full with innovation right? :P 

I got mine in these two shades, i didnt even look at the real color haha 
but i wasnt disappointed.

The color swatch:

What i realized most when applying this lipstick is the scent! I cant describe the scent but i can tell you that i dont really like the scent :P It has a strong powdery scent, not the soft and romantic ones but the macho ones, does that make sense? haha

However, the texture is moist and there is a slight moisturizer in it and with that it is easy for me to glide it onto my lips. The color pigmentation, again, medium-high, depending on how hard you apply it onto your lips, but the best thing with these kind of lipstick, you can layer it up and apply it to your liking.

I think these two shades are perfect for summer and if you are preparing for your summer vacay, make sure to have these two in your makeup bag!

Now, how it looks on my lips and do ignore my "sexy" nostrils haha

- Love the color pigmentation
- Love the texture
- Dislike the scent

ps: i dont know how long it last, again you all know i change my lipstick quite often within a day and besides i personally prefer lipstick that doesnt stay that long on my lips, i dont know why, i think it is a bit scary to have colors on your lips for a very long time. :P *just my 2 cents*

til next time!

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