Saturday, April 27, 2013



dont get sick of reading lipstick and more lipstick on my blog.
But did you know that i was hesitating to buy this color?
then as usual, i started to think about it alot so i decided to buy!

Hello my sexy muses!
Welcome back!

I have one gorgeous color of a lipstick right here waiting for you,
so lets get started!

The price:

 i am going to let the picture speaks :P

The packaging:

The outer box contains information of every details you probably want to know :P
so i wont mention each of them, simply click the picture to see.
One thing though, i never seen any product that put phone number for customer care line and email address! woah

So this is the product itself, the design is sleek and clean.

It has the logo at the top and i love it how it has a mirror on it :P
might come in handy when you need it.

and this is the best thing about this lipstick, 
i personally think this is very innovative!
To be able to use this lipstick, simply click it.
I think if the product designer can play around with the function of the product
like this one, it is always a bonus point!

The color swatch:

Alright, before i start, i must say well you know i love pink shades of lipstick, the soft and sweet ones but sadly, with this brand, i barely find any pink shades, literally none and the closest i can get is this color in Hollyhock.

It is in a soft magenta lilac color combine with a pink undertone. 
The texture is moisturizing yet the color pigmentation is vibrant because i know some products that contain moisture but poor in the color pigmentation. The coverage is good and it blends into the lips giving such a natural and girly color. 

As for the scent, it has this strawberry milk sweet scent kinda reminds me of "sugus strawberry" 
remember that candy? :P

How it looks on my lips
gorgeous and natural right?

- poor color choices esp in the pink shades
- moisturizing with a good pigmentation
- coverage is good
- blending ability is well
- scent is delicious!
- innovative packaging


JcLiani said...

Cute pink color.. Drdl pgn yg warna gt, recommend lainnya apa? Harga yg murah2 tp oke, jrg pake lipatoc. N masi ada 4 hahha... Anyway banyak skali lipsticknya.a..
I'm following way long ago.
Mind folback :-)

theresia fweegy said...

@jc: iya ;D itu yg aku suka, murah + bgs = *jempol* aku juga bingung kenapa bisa suka lipstick hahah will follow u :)