Thursday, April 4, 2013


Today is a good day :)
Hello Beautiful you!

I know i am not a big fan of eyeshadow but nevertheless there are some eyeshadow that capture my heart, shall we see if this particular product really got what it takes to be my fave?

The price: 
RP 41.000
( bought in Pasar Baru and pricey though)

The packaging:
The shape is the same as the blusher from this brand which i think, a not so good of an idea because it isnt practical for me, i wont know which one is which when i am applying makeup in a rush :P but nevertheless i do love the vintage, chic and simple design of it, not forgetting the shape!

As for the outer box, it has informations on the product itself so if you are afraid that certain ingredients dont work on you, you can check it first ;)

When you open the product, i personally found this is rather and somewhat not worth the money, because the product packaging itself is small and it contains 4 small eyeshadows, the good thing is the eyeshadows comes in a few colors but they are tiny.

The swatch:
As you all can see from the pictures below, first layer, the colors are there but isnt visible enough and as i added the second layer, the colors are much better :)

The texture itself is soft but not velvety, it has a powdery feeling and that is why the colors dont come off as strong compare to the ones with a velvety texture.
*if you are patience enough, then adding layers wont be a problem for you* 

but it does have a great blending ability so that's a good thing ;D

This is how it looks on my eyes:
I personally think that the colors aren't that strong as i expected them would be actually. 
The colors on the palette are gorgeous but not when it is applied.

- love the packaging
- not fond of the price
- not fond of the size of the eyeshadow
- not fond of the pigmentation &; texture although it i build-able.

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Marionette Thai said...

Pink nya cantik banget ce♡♡♡
Kesannya cute, fresh n feminin.