Friday, April 12, 2013


 I love surprises, it can be from friends, family or love. When i say surprises i mean like classy elegant and neat surprises not messy ones :P

Surprises can come in an unexpected event like.. today!
Well i am meant to do a review but the result is unexpected :P

do read the warning first :)

today's review is about this bb cream from Etude, called Shini Star.
Like other bb cream, i didnt expect alot since, bb cream has spf and my skin is very oily, so spf + oily skin = disaster & blotting paper in ready!

so not expecting alot, there i was getting ready to go to my dad's office and i decided to give this bb cream a go :)

the packaging:
cuteness! i love the color combination.. mint & pink!
the tube is rather small for me actually and the pump is somehow cant really pump ?
the price was around RP 298.000 ish? but i got it on sale for RP 100.000 :P talk about superb bargain !
the scent, cant really recall if there is any scent but it does, i think it is a sweet scent that doesnt bother me :D

it comes in only one shade though so that is the down part but luckily, the color suits well onto my skin!
surprise! i think it has some grey undertone that when i apply it, it blends well with my skin tone, i always thought bb cream that has a grey undertone is the best to match the skin :) 

when i apply it on my face, it feel super lightweight! like airy!
and it became powder-ish as soon as it touches your skin! so it blends it well and soft! of course leaving a matte finish on my skin but again all bb cream/foundation do that when you just finish applying it.

so here i am.. getting ready at 11 am and yes i use flash to show you how matte my skin is!

then this is at 3pm.. it is still normal! with only 10% of oil on my nose

then 5pm starting to get 40% oily but it is still alright for me *believe me, usually by this hour my skin become very oily*

then at 7pm, now! my skin started to get oily, STARTED! and this is a good thing because usually by this hour my skin will look like a greasy ball! like a ball being put into oil and lift up straight away that's how bad my skin is when it comes to oil!

so conclusion:
+ works well on my skin i can say good oil control
+ no scent/ slightly good scent
+ grey undertone = blends well with the skin tone
+ cute packaging haha

- tiny tube
- pump that hardly pump
- price is slightly expensive for the volume

will i repurchase?
yes i will! well hopefully they are still on sale! hihi

I am selling this product (new one of course, i bought 3 haha letting go one of them)
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Dewie Aprillia said...

lama kelamaan jadi terlihat dewy look ya c..hihihi
nice post :D

ardiana aditya said...

shini starnya di aku bikin breakout. makanya mau lego aja ><

theresia fweegy said...

@dewie: yeapp hehehe *happy*
@ardiana: o ya? di aku kaga, jarang sih yang bisa bikin break out, kecuali kalo aku makan kacang haha *ga nyambng* :P