Saturday, April 6, 2013



How many of you have heard about lip concealer?
I have but i never really put much interest in it because honestly,
i dont know where to find one in here.

So when i was looking through a bunch of online shops, i found one and i personally think the price is reasonable *each online shop has a different price* so i went ahead and bought one.

So what is a lip concealer?
Let me put it in my own words, a lip concealer is a concealer specialized for the lips *duh :P *
Its purpose is to erase the color of the lips, so if you want to wear lipstick and would like the color to come out true, apply a lip concealer.  

The price:

i purchased this from

The packaging:
Well, we all now how cute packagings can be when it comes to the Korean brands right?
Well their packaging wins! i love the illustration on it and i love how simple, cute and girly it is.
Combining with the pastel beige color and the other soft colors are just perfect!

On the product itself has their information but i dont read Korean so i have no idea what it says.

The swatch:
The color on the concealer is the skin color :) so when i swatch it on my hand, it doesnt shows that well. The texture is creamy and i think it is slightly different than a face concealer. I feel lip concealer is more moisturizing and glides easily :)
It blends into the lips easily too! From my experience applying this, it has a great coverage, it almost covers 90% of my lip color.

How it looks on me and with a lipstick.
*yes it looks scary but after a good blending, it looks alright*

Look at how it covers most of my redness on my lips

With a lipstick

- good texture with some moisturizes
- good coverage
- good blending ability
- no scent ;D
- reasonable price

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meutia nuraini said...

ini buat kering bibir ga che?
salam kenal ya.. :)