Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hello :)

ART DECO Lipstick :)
dont kill me for another lipstick review please :*

RP 78.000
(this is after the discount)

Okay, without further ado, lets jump into it!

The packaging:
well when i purchased this, it comes with the product only, no outer box.
The product itself has a super simple packaging. Sleek and clean i must say :) 
The material is sturdy and not made of plastic, so when you do a little tap, you can hear and tell that it has a good expensive material. The packaging is easy to open.

The swatch:
The first thing i realised about this product is the moisturizer it contains and the color pigmentation.
It has a good and high level of moisturizer that is perfect for my chapped lips. The color pigmentation is super! it blends in well into my lips and leaving such a nice texture on it :) I also believe this has a good coverage because i didnt need to apply a few layer to make the color visible.

The downside is, the brand doesnt carry alot of colors variety :( so found it hard to find that perfect pink lipstick :(

This is what it looks like on my lips :) sweet and natural.

-good moisturizer
- good color pigmentation
- soft and creamy texture
- good blending ability :)
- but, less color choices :(


Yuanita Ratna Pratami said...

So tempting! The rosy pink color vibrant is close to the exact pink lipstick I've been looking for <3 Thank you for reviewing it! btw, dimana mbak Theresia membelinya?

Elsawati Dewi said...

love the colour! thanks for the review.. ^^

theresia fweegy said...

@yuanita: hai aku beli di... mkg/pluit village ;D di jakarta hanya d sono aja.. hehehe
kalo kamu mau yg lebih pink #35 aja ;D

@elsawati: welcome dear :)