Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hello my sexy muses!

I have here my top 3 picks for liquid foundation.
Yes you all know i went out and search and tried a few different liquid foundation 
but my heart sets for these three :)

if you want to buy the other foundie that i barely used or any other pre owned items, click here 

The three liquid foundation i love are:
1. Lancome Teint Miracle
2. Revlon colorstay for oily skin
3. MAC Studio fix fluid

Well again these three have alot in common
and that is why i love them.

They have a good staying power on this oily surface a.k.a my skin
They have a good coverage.
They dont really have a pleasant scent haha but it is alright!

Lancome was my first foundation, i did googled for a very long time to find that one foundation works on my and i did!

Revlon is actually the dupe for MAC Studio fix fluid, similar packaging, similar well almost 99% the same scent and they have a great coverage :D

i have a super extreme oily face and only these three have the power to last.

do you have any top 3 foundations that you can recommend to me?


Shasha said...

hhmm aku seringnya pakai BB cream, cuman baru-baru ini nyobain foundienya max factor, lumayan oke :)

Leonita Nerisa said...

gw baru aja nonton utube yg bilang revlon colorstay bagus buat kulit oily lol. I think I should buy this too T__T (between excited & sad spending money .lol)


theresia fweegy said...

@shasha: itu aku coba tp... kurang d aku.. kulit aku super oily haha :P tahan lama tp ga selama yg tiga ini :P

@lele: iya mank bagus le... gw mau beli lg th revlon, paling gw recommend itu soalnya :P