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Hello you beautiful ladies!

Let me tell you my dream when I was a kid, I want to be a career woman
with a good and successful business.
 A business that comes from my passion. 

Now, I am a freelance graphic designer with my own design brand, and being that, there are times when I am super free but there are times when I am super hectic and usually at my hectic times, I need everything practical and handy to make me look good especially meeting with a client.

I love beauty products from Martha Tilaar, makeup and skincare, trust me I used them for my daily need. I came across this beauty skill license kit but I didn't put much thought about it until I saw it on their website for shopping online.

I saw and I thought that this product is handy 
so I went to the counter so that I can pick the colors and I decided to go for the 'ME TIME'  box.

and I decided to join. To share my opinions, experience and my own personal tips & tricks for you ;)

Alrighty then, I pick the "me time" box


I got attracted by the box *honest* Yes, I love anything
girly, soft, feminine, pink you name it!

Then when I saw the colors, Oh boy! I love them!
There are two boxes but I fall in love with this one,
The natural colors of blusher, eyeshadow and lipstick.
You know I feel most comfortable wearing natural color lipstick right?

Everything has to be natural :P

Oh! and what is even best?

I think this box reflect my personality in all sides and aspects!
This box screams ME! It is like it knows what I love and what I feel comfortable in.

If I could describe it, it is like a soulmate, it fits that missing part in your life :P

Here is the box ;)

As soon as I held the box in my hand, I can tell that the box is also good for beginner in makeup.
It has the details and information at the back such as the products, the social media, the usage and the function of each products and many more ;) I love the arts on how they draw the products inside actually.

When I slide the box out and remove the bag, I found this guidance on how to apply the products in the bag onto the face, see this is why I say this bag not only good for professional but also good for beginner, because with learning and guidance, you can always be a professional, just be patient and have faith!

Even I found this very useful!

This is the bag, I think the bag is very elegant,
It is tiny when I first saw it and I thought, hmmm
It is pretty small, I dont think my other daily needs will fit in it.

I love the design, metallic simple so posh!

Then when I open this, It has the main needs for makeup,
mirror! I always need mirror wherever I go :P
I love to look at myself haha *vain*

Aside from the mirror, I am impressed with the color choices actually,
soft peach blusher, brown tone eyeshadow, variety of lipstick color,
I knew the combination with these three is perfect for my daily look!
( Because my daily look is a combination of these three)

It also comes with a mascara, a plus!

I am the type of person, if i can make thing simples, I would!
So here are the bag and my daily pouch.

Yes, i have a big daily pouch and it is pretty heavy.

See, a girl needs alot to keep her day active and fresh :P

Then i decided to take the main items that I need and try to put it together in the bag
and VOILA! it works!!!

It is like a tiny luggage for my makeup! so cute.

I love how I can be practical with things!

I have tried this bag quite a few times, more like I am addicted with this bag, it is so practical and simple! with a good result of course.

So here is the close up of the products ;) 

You will get the blusher, powder, eyeshadow, lipstick and mascara.

The lipstick pigmentation is gorgeous!
One of the main reason why I am one of the loyal customer of Martha Tilaar
is because of their quality and reasonable price.
 This lipstick, is moisturizing too and has a great coverage, you dont need to apply alot because a little bit goes a long way. With the texture and pigmentation that is strong, you can control it on how strong you want it to be, if you want it soft, simply use your finger tips and apply it, but if you want a strong and bold color, simple use the brush, load it up and apply it. It comes in three different shades that give me the flexibility to choose and create different looks.

As for the eyeshadow,  I have a pretty small pair of eyes so these dark brown neutral color always work well to enhance my eyes :) Again, the pigmentation is great, velvety & soft texture, easy to blend and it has a great coverage

The powder and the blusher also has a great color pigmentation especially the powder, the shade is right for me, I was afraid of it would be too white but it is just PERFECTO!
In this page, I apply the powder without any foundation and I personally think it covers my acne pretty good!

Both of this has a soft and velvety texture where it gives a good coverage and pigmentation :)

Now I am going to prove to you why I think this bag is superb!

Here is my face, no makeup, look at how round my face is.

Then I apply the powder, I love how it make my skin looks so flawless,
like I have applied a foundation underneath it. 
Then of course the blusher, I love how it gives such a natural flushed cheeks.

I usually apply mascara, eyeshadow and mascara again to emphasize my eyelashes.

This mascara really emphasize the darkness of my lashes :D
and I forgot to capture the eyeshadow because I  was so into it.
I can make sure to you that the eyeshadow are gorgeous :)

You will see it in a few pictures later.
*pink promise*

And here is the lips, I decided to go for a stronger color on the lips
and I apply this colour #2 in the palette.

See how great the color turns out?
I never like applying lipstick with lipbrush because the brush tip is tiny and it doesnt pick alot of lipstick, but with this one, it picked up a little bit and when I spread it out, I dont need to reapply it from the lipstick again :D

And here is the look!
Different right with and without makeup?

With this small and handy bag of beauty,
You can create a few types of looks,
but for today, I decided to go with this one.

And.. before I leave to do my hair and change my clothes,
I want to share my own personal tips & tricks.
I am going to be honest that some of these tips & tricks are inspired from other beauty youtubers but there are some that I figured it out myself ;)



With the round shape of my face, there is no way I would go out without shading/contouring. This tips&tricks I figure it out by myself, take the blush brush, dab a tiny bit of the brown eyeshadows, and apply it on how you would contour your face :) make sure to blend it well, but if the color is still harsh, dab away the eyeshadow excess on the brush and dab the powder to tone it down ;)


As I have mentioned earlier, I just need to move all the important things I need into this bag, it has a plastic cover that cover the makeup palette to protect and with that cover, it is useful as a divider.
The best thing is, it is super lightweight compare to my big daily pouch :) 
So if you want a practical makeup pouch, pick this one ;) not only it provides you with the makeup, it can also multi function as compartments for other girly daily needs.


Well, I wouldn't call it eyebrow pencil, but since you can see how scarce my eyebrows are, I need to shape my eyebrow every single day! Although this bag doesn't consist of an eyebrow pencil, It is alright, I found another way to do this :D well the result isnt strong as an eyebrow pencil, but this works too! Using the mascara that comes from the box, apply it onto the eyebrow. The dark color pigments from the mascara will emphasize the brow and the shape :) 

Here is the after appliance :)


Alright, I got this idea from an inspired beauty youtuber but again, I had to adjust to the tools that are provided in this box :) So to create a smokey smudge around the eyes, take the sponge applicator, open your mascara, with the tip of the sponge applicator, brush through the wand of the mascara, the black pigments will stick to the sponge. Then apply it normally as how you would apply your eyeliner and smudge it :)

If you want a thicker line, apply it with a lip brush *of course clean it first* and slowly with patient, create the liner.


Well  I am pretty sure you all know this trick ;) again, I got this advice from an inspire beauty youtuber ;) but then, I wont believe it until I try and proved it right.
So here it is, since the blusher comes in soft peach color, there are times when I want to have a more pink flush cheeks, this is when I have to start thinking how to get a pink flush cheeks. Well from the lipstick of course! pick the lipstick that has a pinker shades, dab it, put a few dots onto the cheeks, blend it well. It might takes time to blend but with a little bit of patient, voila! a pink flush cheeks.


This is a quick and easy trick to do, if you feel like having a matte lipstick, you can always use tissue to dab it but incase if you ran out of tissue, simple use the powder, and dab it onto your lips :)
Mattify-ing in an instant. 

and this is the look with the tips&tricks ;)

Okay love!

Since my makeup is ready with the help of this great innovative product that saves up my time and practical for me to bring in my daily handbag,
now i need to change my clothes and do my hair before going out!

and i hope with this look, it will bring me luck especially in love ;) !

Have a great day!

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Sukses ya,
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