Monday, April 29, 2013


Well.. i have a story to tell you!

Incase if you dont know about me and my life, here is a short quick story,
I grew up half of my life in Malaysia. Yes, i moved there for 6th grade until 3 years ago :)
When i was there, of course i spend my teenage life obsessing and learning about makeup and i knew this brand since forever, but for some reason, they didnt appeal to me back then..

Now, i bought them and all i can say it i wish i bought them back in Malaysia :P

The price:
i forgot.... but one advice, visit Matahari Dept store in Taman Anggrek to buy because they have a cheaper price compare to other store :) *That is where i got mine from *

The packaging:

Well, i wont say it is high class or fancy but the transparent lid allows me to pick and see the colors nicely. At the back contains the information and it comes with a brush. I personally think that this packaging is simple :)

The color swatch:

For Malaysian local brand, it has a good color pigmentation. The colors are vibrant so a little bit goes a long way :) As for the coverage, it is superb and giving off a natural look. The texture is soft and velvety :) and it blend easily into the skin.

How it looks on my face :)
see how natural it is and it gives off a healthy rosy soft pink glow ;D

- good pigmentation
- good texture
- gives off a natural glow :) and color!
- i just wish the packaging would be better looking.

Saturday, April 27, 2013



dont get sick of reading lipstick and more lipstick on my blog.
But did you know that i was hesitating to buy this color?
then as usual, i started to think about it alot so i decided to buy!

Hello my sexy muses!
Welcome back!

I have one gorgeous color of a lipstick right here waiting for you,
so lets get started!

The price:

 i am going to let the picture speaks :P

The packaging:

The outer box contains information of every details you probably want to know :P
so i wont mention each of them, simply click the picture to see.
One thing though, i never seen any product that put phone number for customer care line and email address! woah

So this is the product itself, the design is sleek and clean.

It has the logo at the top and i love it how it has a mirror on it :P
might come in handy when you need it.

and this is the best thing about this lipstick, 
i personally think this is very innovative!
To be able to use this lipstick, simply click it.
I think if the product designer can play around with the function of the product
like this one, it is always a bonus point!

The color swatch:

Alright, before i start, i must say well you know i love pink shades of lipstick, the soft and sweet ones but sadly, with this brand, i barely find any pink shades, literally none and the closest i can get is this color in Hollyhock.

It is in a soft magenta lilac color combine with a pink undertone. 
The texture is moisturizing yet the color pigmentation is vibrant because i know some products that contain moisture but poor in the color pigmentation. The coverage is good and it blends into the lips giving such a natural and girly color. 

As for the scent, it has this strawberry milk sweet scent kinda reminds me of "sugus strawberry" 
remember that candy? :P

How it looks on my lips
gorgeous and natural right?

- poor color choices esp in the pink shades
- moisturizing with a good pigmentation
- coverage is good
- blending ability is well
- scent is delicious!
- innovative packaging

Friday, April 26, 2013


Hello my donut glaze!
I have a mineral cream blusher on review today :)

well it says "mineral" blusher, usually mineral cosmetics work well on oily skin ;)

The price:

The packaging:

The outer box has a girly and sweet design :3 i love pink!
and that is my feminine side :) It contains information both in Korean and english so international user will find this helpful to see the ingredients and everything.

The product itself is cute, since this is a cream mineral blusher, it comes in a tube where you need to squeezed it. With this type of packaging, it is easy to control the amount of the product you want to use.

The swatch:

The pigmentation is medium to high so make sure only to apply a tiny bit and build it up, well unless you want to have a strong and bold cheeks ;) The texture is soft and creamy but settled into the skin quickly and dried straight away. It blends in easily and gave a great coverage. 

As for the staying power, it would be invalid to give the answer from me because i tend to touch up my whole face with powder and tissue :( 

How it looks on me ;)

I love how it gives off such a natural flush cheek ;)
Great texture, great pigmentation and great blending ability. 
Cute design yet chic.

Have you used this before?
Tell me what you think ;)

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Hello my sexy muses!

Now, you all might be a little bit confused on todays' product hehe
but i love to try new things so here it is!

First of all, you all should know that .. beauty thing i am not very good at..
is.. probably applying false lashes (falsies as i love to call them)

I did learn, almost everyday :P and they say practice makes perfect right?
Here is a little tip, practice with falsies that you have no problem ruining or throwing them away.
So i did learn by buying in dozens in a low price.

i am 90% succeeded.

One day, i received an email from D'EYEKO
saying they want to sponsor me some of the falsies, and yes
I WAS ECSTATIC! literally i was jumping and smiling :P

because, i never own any good quality falsies and yes this is my first time owning them!

Therefore with this post, i can tell you the differences between different quality of falsies.

A little story about the product:

Princess Syahrini's Lashes is the newest product range from D'EYEKO and Syahrini is one of the awesome artist in here, she is actually one of my favorite artist because there are times when i saw her in TV, she has a kind and friendly personality and she is bubbly!

So she teamed up with D'EYEKO to create false lashes that screams her personality. There are 5 different types and i received two of them :)

Alright, enough about the tiny story behind this product :)


Now, lets move on to the packaging!

The packaging is feminin, girly and artistic
just like Syahrini :)

It has a transparent case for us to see the types of the lashes, it also shows it comes with the glue,
I guess transparent case allows me to see the prove of what i will be getting and thats how i like it.

At the back of the packaging, it has the logo of D'EYEKO and Syahrini's signature.
I love how it has the statement
" Inilah Rahasia kecantikanku dan sekarang bisa jadi milikmu juga"
" This is the secret of my beauty and now it could be yours"

Somehow i think these type of statement can boost up every girl's confidence, Now who doesn't want to look pretty? isnt every girl's dream to be a princess? ;)

Then at the bottom of the packaging contains the warning, the social media, the ingredients of the glue (this is good because some people are allergic to certain substance like latex) and more.

It also has the steps on how to apply and remove them :)
very helpful especially to a newbie like me!

Now, lets take a closer look to the lashes itself.
Gorgeous isnt it?

This pair has a dramatic length and thickness. 
It is strong and bold!

another close up look :)
The best thing about this lashes is, the lashes are very soft and natural.
When i tried it on, i cant believe how quick i applied it!
Usually it took me 15 minutes with one side, but this took me literally less than 5 minutes. Another great thing about this lashes is the band of the lashes is wide so it is easy and stable when it is stick on the eyelids but it isnt heavy at all! Although it looks dramatic but i personally think this gave me a natural look.

This is the glue, to open and use this, you have to twist the cap 
and to close it, turn the cap around, use the one with the "stick" to close the glue.

and look at the band! it is wide for lashes that sits nicely on my eyes ;D

Let see my transformation!

*drum rolls*
The power of the lashes!

well hello there PRINCESS FEEGY :D

- it is no doubt that i was amazed and stunned with the quality of this product, i know that some people might complain the price is too pricey but with the quality it is very worth it :)
- the packaging is great, artistic and girly, not forgetting specialized made for the girls with a lot of helpful information!
- it is lightweight and flexible on my eyes
- materials are from natural lashes thats why it is very comfortable :)
- reusable (save up money, see i told you it is worth the money)
- practical ( glue is provided)




I wont talk much about the packaging because it has the same packaging as "CENDRAWASIH" :)

so now i am going to jump into the Product itself but i wont repeat everything, i will differentiate between Cendrawasih and Khatulistiwa.

Apart from being made of natural hair, light weight, flexible, reusable and practical, different styles will give off different looks, what makes Khatulistiwa different?

Khatulistiwa is made with double lashes in one band.

Usually we will apply two falsies on top of another to create that fierce eye look but with this it is a one way to go :) because on one band, it has double lashes. The result? well since i never wore any thick and dramatic lashes like this one, i felt slightly odd, but i can feel it is light weight, sticks to my eyelids well and it stays long without falling. Although, i feel that it is kinda thick and i am not used to wear eyelashes that thick either, because i feel it is slightly unpleasant to my eyesight.

Look at how thick the lashes are :D

Lets see my transformation ;)
i probably should make a makeup tutorial by wearing them hehe


so which of these two style lashes that is very "cetar-membahana" and "sesuatu" for me? :P