Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hellow lah-dies :P

alright alright, so i was doubting which items to purchase but i decides to purchase this one :)
i got mine from Zalora, it comes in a package :)

The price:
RP 149.000 


RP 307.000

The packaging:
Please dont think i am weird, i actually found this packaging is cute and unique, it isnt small yet it isnt big :P  I love the transparent lid where it allows me to see the color and i know some of my friends think that this kind of packaging is lame but i personally prefer it this way :D I love how each eyeshadow is embossed with its own function so if you are a beginner and arent sure how to apply eyeshadow, purchase these collection and you are ready to be a makeup artist :P 

The color swatch:
Honestly, the colors are as pigmented as i expect them to be because i owned other eyeshadows that are superb in their color pigmentation. I personally think the color doesnt show as bold as the ones in the palette. The texture is soft but not velvety therefore the coverage is medium but you can always layer it up ;) The blending ability is medium because of the texture and the pigmentation, i need to be a little bit more patience in making it blend-able. 

How it looks on my eyes:
I love the colors on the right side of the palette, a slightly darker color range from the other one because it is visible on my skin and it does make my eyes look bigger :D 
But i dont like the other color range on the left side of the palette, it barely shows on me. 

- love the packaging
- love the color choices
- love the embossing of its function on the eyeshadows
- alright with the texture
- alright with the coverage as layering will make the color more vibrant
- alright with the pigmentation as layering will help the color to be visible

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