Thursday, March 14, 2013


Woot wooottt
another blush on review!


before i forgot, 

The price:
RP 89.000

RP 307.000

The Packaging: 
This packaging is similar to the eyeshadow but i love it, because the transparent lid that let me see the color :) and it opens as normally. It comes with the brush. I love the size of the blusher actually, it is medium but i love it :)
I love how it has the swirly texture on it.

The color swatch:
The color pigmentation is actually medium to high because the texture of this blusher is actually soft and mildly velvety. It is easy to blend and apply onto the face. You can always build the layers up if you feel one layer isnt enough to show the color off. The coverage is quite good :) 

How it looks on my skin:
well, compare to the other products from this brand, i do love the blusher, because the color is visible and i didnt have any difficulties in blending it. The color pigmentation isnt bad at all.

- love the texture
- love the pigmentation
- love the blending ability
- dislike that it doesnt have variety of color choice to be choose

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