Friday, March 1, 2013


I am back with another review :D
Who here hasnt heard of Wardah? :D
I love their lipstick and eyeshadow but today, i will be reviewing on their liquid foundation and two way cake.

The price:
Liquid Foundation
RP 29.580 (RP 30.000)

Two Way Cake
RP 39.780 (RP 40.000)

both of these i purchased at Carrefour, Emporium Mall in Pluit
* turned out that they have a few range of makeup like Mustika Ratu, Moor's, Caring, Biokos, Venus Marcks, Make over, Maybelline to name a few *


The Packaging:
I dont really like the plastic-y packaging they offer but again, it is easy to used and squeezed.
The open and get the liquid foundation out, simply twist the cap and squeeze it onto the back of your hand. The product itself is quite clean because there is no pump but only a tiny hole to let the foundation out. However i do love the label color :) you know i love Blue!

The label itself says about the function of this foundation:
- even out skin tone
- covers imperfections
-non sticky and light texture

The color swatch:

I am actually quite surprised for this foundation that it carries my shades, honestly i do love local brand but for the liquid foundation they barely have my shades and most of them are yellow based :( The texture of this foundation is creamy and non sticky * true to the fact on the label*. It blends in easily into the skin and the coverage is medium-high depending on how thick you apply so true to the fact on the label :) It is lightweight so another true to the information on the label :)

The scent, it has a powdery scent but i have no problem with that :P 


The packaging:
I do love this packaging! all blue!
The product packaging itself is handy, the size isnt too big or too small so it fits into my daily makeup pouch, it saves alot of space for the powder and the sponge :) it has a mirror so it is really handy!

As for the outer box, it has alot of informations on this product. 

The color swatch:
Well since i tried to capture the color but it wont shows, well the color is the right color to my skin tone, so i decided just to show you once it is applied onto the foundation and i realized that it blends in well with the foundation :D Again, it has my color shades so in the color range category i am very pleased!

As for the texture, it is soft and velvety therefore it gives a great coverage and color pigmentation (in this case the particles of the compact powder sits nicely and absorbed into the skin and combined together with the foundation)

The scent, i dont remember smelling anything off and odd so scent wise: thumbs up!

So lets see the staying power:

I started to apply these two products at 10.30 am
then i am off to do my daily activity. Through-out the day, i didnt blot but i did wipe my eyes & mouth with tissues and probably would have taken some of the product off.
What I realized was, it creases due to my oily skin and from a matte with good coverage looking, at the end of the day i can see that the products somehow glides off from my skin showing my imperfections. 
As for the oil control, i must say it is quite good but it glides off. 

-love the packaging
- love the color (they have my skin tone shade)
- love the texture and coverage for both products
- love how the two way cake has barely any scent
- dislike the staying power 


dolljjang ♥ said...

kadang, penasaran pengen coba wardah. tp belum sempet kesampean. thanks ya reviewnya :)

theresia fweegy said...

@dolljjang: welcome dear :) aku jg sih awalnya penasaran tapi ragu2, sampe akhirnya pas jalan2 aku mutusin utk beli aja :P