Thursday, March 7, 2013



welcome to my review of Tony Moly blushes!
weird color you say? i think so too! and yet i am the one who bough them haha why did i buy them? i dont even know... well okay.. the brown one is for contouring while the light purple... for blush but it doesnt really show on my skin haha but this is my fault for buying the color.

so, i think this is my first time doing a review for a Korean brand? well you know i barely buy them because of the color pigmentation but with Tony Moly it is slightly different :P 

i love their palette, so clear, so clean and so.. easy to find :D 
To open it simply open it like other compact packaging and it doesnt come with a box packaging. 
The down side, it doesn't come with a brush :P but i do love the size the blush-on though, pretty big and filled up the whole lid :D 

But i do admit that the packaging isnt that cute compare to other Korean brand products :P One good thing about Korean cosmetics are their packaging.

the price.. is IDR 89k from Taman Anggrek mall, i think you can find a cheaper price if you search through online :)

Here are the swatches, i loveeeee the pigmentation, for the price they have a good pigmentation. The texture is soft and silky so you dont have to layer it up. It doesnt have any scent, i dont think so.
i should have bought other colors that i know it will shown onto my skin.. hahah but the light purple doesnt really show on my skin while the brown one.. as a contouring.. doesnt really work either :P 

Probably the brown one can be used as a blusher :D

Aside from the wrong color choice that i made by myself, the coverage is quite good and it blends easily :) and i think this is probably the first korean brand that attracted me to buy the other products.

i just havent found the right way of using this but i know that these are good products that are worth to try :) and this product will work best if you have a super fair white skin ;D

will i repurchase?
yes of course in another different color 

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MI said...

I have the brown one and use it everyday to contour my nose :D

Hana said...

Ci, the light purple one, if you mix with blue undertone pink color, it will look so cute and prevent the pink color to turn red when sweeped to the cheek


Rini Cesillia said...

Kyny sih yg purple itu lebi cocok buat highlighting gt yaaa ^^

Sarvin Sidhu said...

sounds interesting!

theresia fweegy said...

@MI: yeah i probably should do that too :P i bought another shade hoping it will turn out on my skin

@Hana: thank youuu dear! nanti aku coba ah :P

@rini: yuppp! aku dolo beli purple krn.. knp ya? lg suka ama purple blush on :P tp trnyata g ada wrna :P nanti aku coba ah jd highlight.

@Sarvin: thanks ;)

ikeys said...

awalnya aku pikir itu eyeshadow hehe. kemasannya mirip. Lagi cari-cari review eyeshadow TONYMOLY.

theresia fweegy said...

@IKEYS: ada tp aku belom ketik hhihi di tunggu yaaaa