Monday, March 4, 2013


I was hesitating whether to do this post or not but i decided to :D

Welcome welcome, take a cup of hot tea or coffee or maybe cocoa and enjoy today's post :)

The price:
RP 13.700 but i got it at 20% discount for RP 10.000-ish :P

The packaging:
I actually found this packaging cute! although most of my friends told they don't like it : P
i guess it is because of the pink part of the packaging. The size is quite small actually and the material is kinda light. I personally think this product is practical and easy to carry. To open this product, simply pull the cap and twist the "body" of the product.

The color swatch:

Looking at the picture above, you can see the vibrancy of the color, but sadly, the pigmentation isn't great for me :) The first layer i apply, it barely shows the color compare to the lipstick color itself and as i added two layers more, colors are there but it isn't that vibrant compare to the color of the lipstick.
The texture is creamy and moisturizing actually so thats a good thing, i guess i can see this as a colored lip balm :D so i can use this on a casual daily basis activities. 

How it looks on my lips
I do love how it looks on my lips, natural and casual :)
I am not a big fan of the scent, it has a bubblegum sweet scent :P and you all know i don't like sweet sugary scent right. 

- dislike the scent
- dislike the color pigmentation
- love the packaging
- love the moisturizing texture
- love the finishing look :)

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MI said...

warnanya bagus ya~ cute pink :)

theresia fweegy said...

iya :) moisturizing bngt lg ;D