Monday, March 25, 2013

REVIEW: RIMMEL LIPSTICK #012, #202, #077

alright.. hellow my apple pies!

here is another lipstick that i owned.. from RIMMEL

i dont like the packaging.. if you touch it, you know it is light! like it is made from plastic.. i dont like the color of the packaging either .. 

the price.. i didnt buy it here but.. it was around IDR 90k ish..

so here is the snapshot..

the swatches:

The color pigmentation is alright, not high and not poor, you can always layer this up ;)
They are moisturizing and glides on easily.
The coverage is good :) and blend easily onto the lips.
I think these lipsticks has some shimmer/shine in it.

- packaging: dislike, it feels inexpensive
- color pigmentation: alright i can live with it
- semi moisturizing
- texture: soft and moisturizing so it glides on well 
- scent: it has this bubble-gum scent 

will i repurchase?
nope, i think it is because of of the packaging and the shimmer it has :( 

1 comment:

Leonita Nerisa said...

I love rimmel lipsticks, it doesn't make my lips chapped. but, I agree with the packaging, looks cheap :)