Saturday, March 9, 2013


knock knock
whos there?
your who?
your beautiful

alright, i dont and i never will get the knock knock joke, any of you find it funny? :P

hello cutey! 
we meet again to another review post. In this very post i will be reviewing blush-on from Revlon.. A little story about this.. i went a little ballistic and mad buying Revlon Blush on.. hahaha so i own 7 of these blushes. I guess these blush on were my very first proper blush on that i owned? i forgot .. or was it because the first brand that i found it very.. bank account or wallet friendly? i dont know.. but i did buy these 7 items...

Palette wise... hmm normal, not loving it yet not hating it, just normal *confused? haha* well i like it because it has a transparent view where i can see the color, and of course the black and white writings and palette make this more.. mature haha but somehow, they are not pulling it off. Okay nevermind the the palette.. as long as the product inside is good that is what it counts right?

so i am going to how you a closer look of the color

the swatches... scroll down for my opinion

so my opinion...

- pigmentation: POOR, i had to keep on swiping my fingers to get the color visible for the camera to capture and i dont think that is a good thing for a product haha and even when i capture it, the color isnt still there :(
- texture: HARD and Not really powdery 
- scent: dont think i can smell any
- packaging: alright, normal and easy to open, comes with the brush
- price: IDR 85k - ish.. and for this kinda price, it is not worth it because there are more better blush-on with a lower price :)

will i repurchase?
nope! and i am saying this with a heavy heart knowing i love REVLON so much! 

a little advice, if you are the type of person who doesnt mind layering blush on up and doesnt mind taking time to get ready, i guess these products are okay for you but since i am very impatient and i love everything handy and practical so by keep on layering it this , i see it as a waste of time while i can save up time for a better blush with one easy swipe and blend :) so everything is back onto the person individually actually :P



MI said...

ini blush on favorite ku karena pigmentation-nya gak gt keluar jadi lebih natural untuk dipake sehari2 :D

theresia fweegy said...

@MI: iya pigmentationnya ga gt keluar ya :P

Sarvin Sidhu said...

i love revlon too but i don't think i will be purchasing them.. doesn't sound any good

xo Sarvin