Sunday, March 10, 2013


hello i am back with another REVLON LIPSTICK REVIEW
this time is is about:


The price was around IDR 95K

so lets talk about the packaging, for drugstore products, the packaging is quite fancy and classy. i love the cross hatch pattern on the cover :)
The cover open as how normal lipstick would open so it is easy, not a big hassle and practical

somehow with their handle like this, i found this lipstick is very nice to hold and it is just comfortable to apply. 

Here are the colors that i owned, it is very simple to see which products are my fave, if i have alot of colors, it means that i love them but if i only have 2 or 1.. they are my least fave haha

a close up look at the lipstick and the color

here are the names 

and the swatches

for a drugstore products, although in here we dont really see that as drugstore, it is quite high-class and classy. i can say that it is almost close to the high end products! for the price, it is totally worth the price!
The color pigmentation is superb and vibrant, on the swatches it is taken with one swipe only but of course the name of these range is color burst, kinda expected for the color to be "bursting" out! 
I feel that these colors from the color burst collection are somehow similar to mac or i can say dupes! even the formula is somewhat excellent with their moisturizer and the quality it is given :)

will i repurchase?
yes i will but i think i have enough hehe


leniwiw said...

thank you for review ^^ I think I'll try one

theresia fweegy said...

@leniwiw: yes! the color is gorgeous!