Monday, March 11, 2013


hello my sweet tarts!
welcome to my blog!
today i will do a review of another liquid foundation that is called:

so HD eh? here is a little story, i tried this one out when i had a makeup class with NYX but with that makeup class i have basically every single products on my face and i think that isnt a valid research for me :( why?
- they put a primer on me and i dont think the primer is any good
- they added mineral powder and compact powder on me

but mainly the primer, compare with my daily makeup, i dont use primer, i only use it when i have like evening events :P i dont know why haha

so.. finally i bought this foundation!
so lets see the price.. was around IDR 290000? again sorry i cant remember the price :(
the packaging, plastic-y which i dont really like, rather small for the price, i love it has the pump though, easier for me to control the amount of foundation i need to use.
the scent, i dont recall it has any scent i mean i am not bother with it so yeah the scent should be fine :D

here is the swatch:
the texture is lightweight but somehow creamy slightly, for me it is slightly hard to blend onto my face or maybe i used a wrong brush? but that doesnt bother me because it will blend in anyway :)

as you can see from the picture below it is slightly creamy.

so lets see how long it last on my face!
here is my picture at 12pm, straight away after i applied it :D
matte! as always

2pm, my skin became dewy. so far so good

at 4pm, starting to get oily around the T-Zone especially on my nose and cheeks

5pm, getting more oily now almost everywhere!

well for a HD foundation, this isnt HD for me, well... who am i to blame other than my own skin haha but trust me there are other foundation that last long on my skin without primer but not this one.
Nevertheless, a whole good 4 hours without being super oily is good enough.

i dont have a problem with the texture that is lightweight and the scent.
i do however not a big fan of the packaging where it feels plastic-y and of course the price knowing the real price of NYX isnt that expensive :P

will i repurchase?
nope not because this is a bad product, i dont think it is but i know there are other foundation that last longer on my skin condition :) so if your skin is normal you can give this a go! as for dry skin, do a deep research first! :) if you have a normal level of oil on your face this MIGHT work :)

til next time!


Sarvin Sidhu said...

hd foundations! i would really really love to try this one!

theresia fweegy said...

@sarvin: yes you should try this :D it is actually not bad but just my skin, wayyyy too oily... :/