Monday, March 18, 2013


hola my apple crumble!
another eyeshadow rev?
oh yes! this item here.. deserve a spot on my blog :D

as you guys know i am not a big fan of eyeshadow so when i actually do a review it means either they are worth it, or not at all :)

and this one here.... we shall see!

so the packaging
- plastic cover which made it looks inexpensive
- simple and plain 
- but it does give me an ease to choose the color in my vanity corner
- durable but not super strong so gotta be careful with it.

price was around SGD 18
bit pricey if you compare with the packaging :P

the swatch... without further ado, lets jump into conclusion.

my conclusion:
love love love it! look at the color that is only with one swipe, look how pigmented they are! i regret not buying more :(
i love the golden color! it is so gorgeous!
the texture is silky and velvety, easy to blend and apply, no scent that made me sick haha, volume kinda alot for this packaging :)

down side?
yes just the appearance wise :(

will i repurchase?
yes yes a thousand times yes! :D


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