Tuesday, March 26, 2013


wel.. i was thinking..
should i or should i not?
then i decided...
why not?!

well hello there my apple pies!
welcome to another review of MW :P

before i start, do read the picture below 

alright so once everything settled, i never considered of trying or looking that this particular product before because..... i dont know.. why did i even buy it? haha
so lets take a look together and analyze it *put my geeky glasses on*

here is the packaging.. i hate the packaging.
there is nothing.. interesting about it, plain i must say and looks.. cheap. :(
the price was around RP 78000

but i do love the size, so maybe that is why i bought this? the size haha it is small and handy so i always have this item in my makeup bag :)

they have four different colors, not many choices but thats okay because i tend to choose colors that are useful for day and night :P so i got this in.. pinky peachy color 

this is a cream blush and i dont usually like cream blush because i have a very oily skin and by applying anything creamy, it will make my face... look.. very oily. so maybe that is why i barely use this?
then one day.. i was rushing and forgot to put my makeup from home so i have to use my "stash" of makeup in my handbag and i had to use this cream blush...

it changed my view on this blush 180 degrees!
yes it is creamy but somehow when i apply it onto my face, it settles and doesnt give a shiny or glowy effects *well maybe it does but like 10%*

i must say the color pigmentation isnt great but, you can always layer it up and with this, it is easy to blend, not sticky *unlike my Bobbi Brown cream blush on a stick* and i must say it finished rather matte!

so will i repurchase?
- nope, not because of the quality , the quality is GOOD but i think for this small jar, the price was rather steep :( if they.. somehow! cut down the price to RP 50.000 *which i think still steep* i would buy another color :) 

this is the first cream blush i have ever love.

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Hana said...

ever think of buying this but no, didnt manage to made my mind hehehe.. the color looks great thanks for reviewing