Friday, March 8, 2013



Alright, another confession, i think i am lucky enough i dont have under eye bag when i dont have enough sleep and trust me, i barely have enough sleep due to designing hehe but i do have puffy eyes though :P

Anyway, i bought this concealer because... i dont really know, Max Factor has this sale buy 3 get 1 free so i decided why not just get items that i dont own before and one of them is this concealer :)

so... this isnt a stick concealer that i usually use, this concealer is in a form of a twisted packaging. I am particularly not a big fan of this type where you have to twist to get the product out.

This is how the cap looks like, twist it, and the product will appear in the middle of the white applicator and you just apply it :)

i got this in shade Fair.

here is the swatch.
The texture is creamy but dries quick enough on the skin.
Easy to blend :)
Lightweight and no perfume scent or any scent at all :)

excuse the mess on my hair and eyebrow hehe

so here i am trying out this concealer, although i dont have under eye bag but i think you still can tell a different with and without the concealer.

and my conclusion is, it has a low-medium coverage on me, i dont see any big different and in fact, i kinda felt that the dark under eye is still visible :( and knowing this product has a thick consistency.

well, what do you think?
have you try this before?

ps: i tried it out on my pimples but still, poor coverage.

I have a few items that i am selling :D
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