Friday, March 15, 2013


After many days, weeks and months pass and me thinking and deciding whether or not to purchase these two products below, finally! i went out and bought it haha 

hellow my rainbow cupcakes!
I know i mention to you that this is one of my favorite local brand! but i dont own the liquid foundation and the compact powder. I actually was very curious in their quality,
so i got them! finally :D

The price for the liquid packaging was RP 120.000, the powder was around RP 140.000

Here is the packaging, for a local brand, i must say that these look very high end :) i love the black base color against the white & grey. I love the simplicity of the design. 
It is also practical, the powder is easy to open, the liquid foundation is easy to pump and the pump allow me to control the amount of volume :)

Although the downside on the liquid foundation is i wish there is a cap for it so it is not "naked" to the dirt and dust :P *not that i need the cap but it would be better* as for the compact powder, i dont see any downside :)

I got mine in number 02 :) anything with a pink undertone is my color 

i love how practical the compact powder is, it separates the puff and the powder :)
talk about some cleanliness and this product nailed it! or maybe if you dont use the puff at all and prefer to replace the puff with something else, you can! see so practical :D

here is the swatch of the liquid foundation, after i tried it out on my face, i feel the liquid foundation: has no scent, you just need a little bit because it can cover the whole face, medium-high coverage, good pigmentation and it gives a soft, silky, smooth matte finish like a porcelain doll * i mean it! *

the downside is: it is rather hard to blend but just be patience to blend it well :)

the swatch of the powder next to the liquid foundation's swatch, i love how the powder itself has also a good coverage onto the skin leaving the skin more smooth and silky.

As you all know how oily my skin can get, lets see the staying power on my skin

my skin vs makeover :P

so here it is, i was getting ready for a wedding at 5 :)
i love how these two products resulted on my face :)
smooth, silky and my skin looks so clean!

i know i usually took photos every 2 hours but i couldn't because i was busy eating :P *blush*
but here it is at 9.30 :)

around 4 hours differences and here it is..

slightly oily on the nose :) and my skin only gets dewy looking skin at this time.

+ The staying power is quite good for me :) 
my skin gets slightly oily on the nose and looks dewy in 4 hours which is good! 
+ It has no scent which i love :) 
+ medium-high coverage
+ good pigmentation
+ leaves skin smooth and silky :)
+ easy and practical packaging
+ quite exclusive for a local brand 
+ as for the price, i personally think it is quite reasonable especially with the result i am getting

- the liquid foundation should have a cap on it
- rather hard to blend

i love these products! with these two products i can get a super perfect skin on my face ;D knowing i have huge pores and scars :( i will certainly repurchase!


Sarvin Sidhu said...

i have scars and pimples too! hope this foundation does the trick

xo Sarvin

MI said...

bagus bgt ya kayaknya produk ini, mw coba jadinya...
thx for the review! <3

theresia fweegy said...

@Sarvin: yeah but i think with scars and pimples, by using primer might help to cover it :P

@MI: aku suka sih say.. cuma sayang sbenernya wrong shade haha aku mau beli yg lebih terang :P *kykna aku selalu beli salah shad deh --" *