Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Today i will be doing a new review on this lipstick :D
You know me and my red lipstick!

The price: 
RP 47.000
( i personally think this is expensive)

The packaging:
Actually, the packaging itself isnt bad. Silver tones :) 
Classy and elegant.
Just like other lipstick, take the cap off and twist the body to be able to use the lipstick

As for the box, it contains informations which is good. I love when a product provides information.

The swatch:

As the picture above showing you how dark and red the lipstick is, i could say the color on the lipstick itself is almost going to be a vampy red, but the picture of the swatch below doesnt reflect it at all :P
On the first layer, well i kinda expected it would be bold and dark but, it is sheer. Then i added two more layers where it still doesnt get as dark as the lipstick itself :(

The texture is matte but it is easy to apply and blend on the lips :) it doesnt have any shimmer in it and somehow i feel a slight creamy on the texture.

As for the scent it has the oldies typical scent of a lipstick :)

How it looks on me:
As i said, it didnt turn out as i expect it would :P i kinda expect it to look dark and vampy
but it turned out sheer :P 

- love the packaging
- love the texture because it stays true when it says matte 
- dislike the scent
- dislike the color pigmentation
- dislike the price

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