Saturday, March 16, 2013


Lipstick I love you ;D
welcome back my lovely!

Today's review on the menu: Inez Lipstick
*does that even make sense?*

The price:
RP 30.000

The packaging:
For some weird reason, the packaging reminds me of the high-end  brand type of packaging, i know that the other packaging for this brand doesnt appeal to me but this one, i have that something for it :P
I think because of the shape and the color combination places. The outer paper packaging has informations and i thought it is quite complete :) As for the product, just like any other normal lipstick, pull the cap out and twist the gold body to be able to use it. 

The swatch:
I didnt press hard on my hand and the colors came out :)
as i added the next to layer, the color is just beautiful. The texture itself is semi matte (at least thats what i think) because, it is somewhat hard to apply but when i rub my lips together once applied, it has this slightly creamy texture and i can tell it has some moisturizers too! and for that it has a good blending ability :D
As for the color pigmentation it is actually medium because i have to apply two layers to get the color out but i have no problemo in that!

and the best thing about this is, it has no strong scent! but if i smelled it closely it has a slight strong scent that i cant describe :( it isnt powdery or floral or sweet. 

How it looks on me:
This is done with 2 layers of appliance :)

- love the color
- love the pigmentation
- love the shape of the packaging
- love the price
- love the texture
- love that the scent isn't that obvious!
- dislike the matte texture

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Sarvin Sidhu said...

never heard of this brand before.. thanks for sharing! x