Thursday, February 7, 2013


SO... lipstick lipstick everywhere! hahaha
here i am with another review of Sephora product,
i dont know how many of you out there ever heard or maybe try this product ..


i never really considered of buying Sephora products itself.. but i bought one just to try :)

here is the look of the lipstick, the jar is so cute, it has like a guitar shape that gives a cosy hold when i apply it :), it is black with the word "sephora" at the bottom, classy :) love everything simple.

the color i have chosen is this bright pink color, truthfully they dont really have alot of colors choices, so as usual, i go for colors that i know i will use more often :)

here is the swatch..

my thoughts:
- packaging wise: good, classy and simple, easy to hold to
- price SGD 27
- texture: moisturizer! 
- color pigmentation: well.. 70% only.. because it contains moisturizer, i guess the color doesnt really show much :)

will i repurchase?
hmmm nope... for the price and the color and everything, i think i can find other brand with a much more worth of price and quality :)


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